Branding: Making clients like and trust you through customer support

Have you ever had an issue with your sim card? Perhaps the service provider did not give you the internet plan you paid for or you accidently sent mobile money to the wrong person. Every time that happens, you call the service provider to speak to an agent and get that issue resolved.

This is what customer support is. Having people ready to respond to clients queries either through phone call, email, WhatsApp, or face to face. This is the point of contact that your clients can use to contact an expert from you company and get assistance.

Reasons For Providing Customer Support

As monopolies fell and clients had more options, they became smarter and more informed. The internet made this evolution of the client faster. Clients stopped being simple sources of money to being sophisticated buyers with all information at the tips of their fingers.

Social media increased the need for great customer support as clients now had a platform to be heard. Many buyers today go to social media and look for reviews. In fact, when they visit a social media listing for a product they want to purchase, most clients will read the reviews and comments before placing an order. Others go the extra mile and Google search the companies on Google.

Because of this, companies tend to want to respond quickly to comments and resolve issues on social media quickly, before they get worse and more potential buyers see the negative comments.

Customer support rule number 1 “never delete negative comments; instead, respond to them and leave the interactions for other buyers to see”.

The reasons for having a customer support system in place are to:

  1. Resolve client issues
  2. Make it easy for potential buyers to ask questions and invest
  3. Make your company or brand seem more human and caring

Customer Support At A Low Cost

Though many large firms spend a lot of money, your small business does not have to. Thanks to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp all you have to do is go online and you can respond to clients easily.

All you need to do is make sure you have a strategy in place for answering queries; else you will make mistakes that will ruin your brand instead of building it up. If you do not already have a social media presence for your business, you can contact us at SNCT Marketing and we can help you set up your pages.

Social Customer Support Gone Wrong

While I know that customer support is critical for the survival of your brand, your team may not understand the bigger picture. Worse yet, some business owners are caught in the big headedness of owning a company that they do not place any value on their clients and respond to them in a rude way.

I remember when my telco service provider deducted money from my account and I had no clue why. I tried to call the customer support number and it did not go through. When I went to Twitter to complain they completely ignored me. Long story short, I no longer spend as much money with the telco out of fear that they will steal my money.

Earlier this year, my OTT which I had paid for one month disappeared. I reached out to the customer service of the telco and gave the girl my details. The second she heard this, she rudely told me that she could not check the number because it was broadband and not mobile. Instead of directing me to a person that can check, she hung up the phone.

These are the experiences your clients will remember and associate your brand with for the long term. Let’s just say I am actively looking for a replacement service provider and grudgingly spend my money on that service provider.

You can avoid these issues by treating your clients with respect regardless of their appearance, amount of money they spend, or complaints.

Be Available

Imagine having an issue with a product you purchased, trying to contact customer support for help and not being able to reach someone. How would that make you feel?

It upsets me. A little voice in my subconscious starts whispering all sorts of negative thing to me…

“You were scammed”, “Get you money back”, “Find their office and burn it downnnnnn”.

As a result, I ensure every time someone reaches out to SNCT Marketing, someone responds. Regardless of the type of text you send to me, we will respond (just don’t send weird stuff to me). Make sure you are available and your brand will grow.

My mentor Chris once had to remind me “the clients pay for your fancy lifestyle, don’t pretend to be better than them, because if they stop paying, your lifestyle disappears. Make sure you answer every question they have or else they will go ask your competitors”.

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