Is Controlling Your Own Platform the Best for Your Business in 2020?

You have very little control over platforms you do not own. This is the sad reality of working online. You can continually grow your reach on these platforms however if you do not have a logical plan you will eventually find your business shrinking. No matter what you try to do, you may find it continually decreasing. Here are the reasons why you need to run your own platforms. There are many alternatives such as “Medium” that you may have heard of and maybe questioning the importance of having your own platform. So, let’s discuss the question; Is Controlling Your Own Platform the Best for Your Business in 2020?

Let’s Get Started: Is Controlling Your Own Platform the Best for Your Business in 2020?

Running a business online can be a daunting experience. Especially when you think of all the work that actually goes into it and not the watered-down stuff you hear about from gurus that want you to buy into their coaching programs.

The list of things you need to do includes; creating a website, social media account, blogging, vlogging, podcasting and more.

You may be drowning in all the content you need to create and the platforms you need to manage and are left stuck thinking – is it worth it to have a website and blog?

The Complete List of Activities: Is Controlling Your Own Platform the Best for Your Business in 2020?

Regardless of what platform you add your content to, you need to create the content and this takes some work. Here is the list of activities you need to perform before you can post your quality content:

  • Copy-writing
  • Recording or taking the photos
  • Editing the images or videos
  • Reviewing your copy
  • Making sure your copy is SEO optimized
  • Posting

All in all, these steps can take 1 hour, 1 week or more. It is a lot of work. This is regardless of which platform you are posting to, be it YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, your own blog or Twitter.

So, if the time and effort you need to put in are the same regardless of the platform, why would you only focus on platforms you have ZERO control over? You do not write the algorithm and do not control what your visitors see.

Here Are the Advantages of Having Your Own Platform

You control how your content is distributed and control is very important if you are running a business. It will then not be a surprise to you, that most of the theme of today is going to be leaning towards control. Your online presence is the way your business gets inbound leads and prospects. If you do not control this, you do not control your revenue.


When the platform is your own, you control the layout and how people view it. How do you want people to view your content? What colors should you use? How big should the images be?

You control the appearance of your articles when you use your own platform. You can use photos, an unlimited number of fonts, the display image, the captions and the types of media included. I hate it when websites only give you the dimensions of the thumbnail image and when you use them as specified, it appears stretched out.

Can People Find Your Content?

Anyone can find your content on your blog and you can pick which blog posts to show on top, and which ones to suggest. Imagine someone finally lands on your article and halfway through they get a popup suggesting they visit someone else’s content since they are enjoying yours.

If you are worried about driving traffic to your platform you can always use SEO (mentioned above) and paid adverts. Of course, you probably will not be able to pull in the same numbers that Facebook or Medium can, however, you do not need to. You need to make sure your platform can convert the few people you do attract.

You are not Limited in How you Can Express Yourself

Wording and language are all yours to control. If you are marketing a product that is considered sensitive, other platforms will block the language you can use in your content. Having your own platform allows you to express yourself the way you want whenever you want. Say goodbye to any type of censorship. Your only limit is your branding.

You Own Your Visitors and Customers

The people that visit your content, subscribe to your content, like and comment on it become your leads. Yes, this is probably the most important reason why you need your own platform. You have a higher chance of converting your visitors to clients and getting them to come back to your platform through email, customized communication and retargeting. If your content is on someone else’s platform, they own the leads and can market to them posts from your competitors in order to grow their platform.

You are unlikely to close a deal the first time a person sees your content. The value is always in the follow-up. However, all platforms are trying to get users and keep them on the platform for as long as possible. Thus, all the social platforms allow people who like your content to add you as a contact or follow you. They do not give you the person’s contact details such as email, and all you can see is what is made public on their profiles. You can, however, DM them on the same platform, with some minor restrictions set out by the platform of course.

User Experience is the Platforms Sole Goal

User experience is very important, not only for your platform but also for the social media platforms you use. In fact, it is their number one purpose. As mentioned above, they want to get more people using their platforms for longer periods of time.

The shape of the buttons, amount of words on an image and more importantly, the content they push. As a new content creator, it is harder for you to be found online because the content platforms show more content from already established creators. You are competing with more experienced creators with better content that keeps larger numbers of users engaged. Besides improving the quality of your content, there is very little you can do.

Conclusion: Is Controlling Your Own Platform the Best for Your Business in 2020?

Getting your own platform is crucial to the future growth of your business and just for that purpose, you 100% need to get a website in place. You do still need to take advantage of other more popular platforms, however, use those to drive traffic to your own website.

You can get someone to help you build a website on WordPress if you do not have the skills needed. You can also chat with our team at SNCT Marketing you if you need help putting in place a social media strategy that will grow your own platforms and your business in 2020.

What’s Next?

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Is Controlling Your Own Platform the Best for Your Business in 2020?

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