Digital Marketing Assets: 4 Digital Marketing Assets You Need To Invest In Today

Most people have had practices such as saving and investing instilled in their lives right from early childhood. Understanding the value of money, learning to save it, and negotiating deals are important. During investing and negotiating 101, I learned how to identify the value of a product I had vs one that I wanted.

Most of the knowledge on this, I got from reading books, being accountable, and implementing those lessons into real life.

Financial education in school has made it imperative to educate young adults about assets and liabilities. Lessons on the importance of investing in and understanding the purpose of building and growing our future businesses is key.

Just as you’d take care of other assets, you need to think of your business assets; especially during uncertain times. How would you like your clients and prospective clients to think of/associate your brand with? Here, we will discuss 4 key digital marketing assets you need to invest in today. With the information provided, you’ll understand how to keep your business relevant in this ever-changing economy.

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What are digital marketing assets?

Simply put, a digital marketing asset is a marketing tool that can be used online to promote your business. These assets can be used to enhance your digital marketing campaign. Only if used systematically and hit the right pain points of your clients. Some examples of digital marketing assets may include but are not limited to; blog posts, influencer relationships, collaborations, website content, videos, podcasts, images, newsletters, email lists, brochures, and so on.

If these assets are utilized collectively; as an eco-system for your business, they can pave the way for your marketing outreach efforts. These can help to excel and maintain relevance in a competitive market. These assets can be reused as needed or can serve as models for the creation of new marketing assets. For example, if your blog is touching on a particular topic, link that same ideology to your other media. A similar message can be shared on your podcast, YouTube page, and newsletter. This way, your clients know you’re being consistent, relevant; and are in tune with the content they want to hear and read about.

Not to say you should be on all platforms – do your research to select the ones you should focus on.

It should go without saying that you should review your digital assets on a regular basis. This will ensure that they are still relevant for any campaigns you may be running. Additionally, it can be used to remind your clients that you are there for them and will keep content coming. If necessary, they should be updated to make them suitable for use in current or future campaigns; during certain and uncertain times.

4 Digital Marketing Assets You Need To Invest In Today

We have mentioned a few digital assets above. Now, we will zoom into 4 Digital Marketing Assets that you can focus on during certain and uncertain times. They are not in any particular order of relevance.

Influencer Relationships

The social web has notably seen the rise of digital influencers through recent years. They are ordinary people like you and me; who have put a lot of work into gaining popularity and building a loyal band of followers. Often, this has been done through years of publishing, promoting, and building credibility and trust in their niche. You’ll find they are available on platforms such as; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Snapchat. Many business owners have found value in working with these influencers as an asset, to promote their services and products.

As they have gained popularity in the marketing world; the best influencers don’t come cheap. However, it is worth investing in the best; to get the best results. Digital influencers can be sourced in two ways;

  1. Directly reaching out to them which might take a bit of time, since they are being approached by many businesses. Depending on the nature of your business, you can provide an incentive for free products to review or free content. Make sure that all this appeals to them so you can get them started working with you.
  2. Going via influencer marketing platforms; these may serve as an agent who will source the best influencers that match your brand. Although you’d be going through a third party, there is added security and liability on the agency; making communication more fluid and trustworthy.

Online joint ventures

In the past, it wasn’t easy to collaborate with another brand. Factors such as different locations, audience size and especially trust were huge barriers. Nowadays, with the help of social networks transparency, ability to track clicks and conversations, cookies and tagging; all this has made it possible to build trust and pave way for online joint ventures and global affiliate relationships to become a reality.

What better asset is there, than to have another business promoting yours to a wider audience?

It’s necessary to build trust and create relationships during and after collaborating. Most businesses would welcome some sort of recognition or mention of their products on your social media platforms while collaborating. If you’d like the same to be done for you in turn; especially if you’re new in the market, it would be best to extend that favour first. In turn, if this has been well negotiated; the well-known brands will return the favour and help promote your products and give your business that much-needed lift.

We have noticed that during the Covid 19 pandemic, a number of brands have been collaborating with each other. Not only to stay relevant but, to continue to engage with their clients and form stronger bonds with them.

Email list

Having control over your content distribution, community, and client conversations is another asset worth investing in. Unlike Facebook and Google that constantly keeps updating their algorithms, you’ll have more control and consistency. Not forgetting paving a way of expanding your email list as you grow. 

In an uncertain and fast-changing digital world, one algorithm change can kill your business. Especially if you are playing at mono-channel marketing.

It’s as easy as open….click… sale. So go ahead, work on your content and reach out to your email list.


While having great content defines you online, data derived from that content measures the impact and results. With data measures in place, you’ll be able to identify what type of content works best, which one performs, and what products or ideas get most clicks and sales.

Invest in learning what the insights mean, what needs to be optimized, and what should be forgotten. Eventually, you’ll be able to make sense of your leads and sales and track them accordingly.


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No matter which digital marketing asset you plan to choose; or if you want to dip your toe in each of them; make sure to invest some time to plan out. Importantly, make the best business decision based on the current economic climate and what your clients are drawn to.

At SNCT Marketing, we have professionals who collaboratively work on projects to bring out the best ideas using the best marketing assets for your company. Reach out to us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation call with one of our experts, and let’s get started!

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