Digital Marketing Made Easy

How do we grow your business using the internet? Our skilled team of marketing specialists will structure a plan that suites your needs. We will help you grow through faster and more efficiently. Here is what we can offer

Scheduled Posts

Get your posts and content delivered to your clients devices in a timely manner. We do it all for you. Never miss an important day again.

Unlimited Reach

Complete and unlimited reach with content that matches international standards. Let us impress your clients for you,

Business Budget

We keep your marketing budget low by providing you all the services you need under one roof and optimizing the ads spend.

Focus On Your Growth

Focus on other parts of your business while we take care of the online side. Let us partner with you to help you grow.


Get your easy to read and understand reports on a monthly basis. Keep abreast with your marketing through our reports and watch your business grow

Save Time

Spend your time in the most effective way for your business and reach out to your account manager at any time. Open communication.


Digital marketing is a powerful tool that we use to grow your business at an accelerated pace. The use of paid marketing platforms and non paid platforms to create the ultimate marketing mix for your growth. We ensure that we reduce your marketing spend, thanks to our well developed system, making it cheaper for you to get new customers walking through your doors.

Our goal is to improve your online marketing capabilities and put in place proven tools that will a) get you new clients and b) make sure your older clients spend more money with you. Contact our team of specialists to find out how we will help you meet your target.

Worlds of innovation

Take advantage of tools and systems that have been tried an tested and guaranteed to work. At SNCT Marketing we use systems and tools such as Facebook, optimized landing pages and email marketing to grow your business. Talk to us and find out how we can take your business to the next level.

Technology is your friend

There are more than 2.4 million people using Facebook in Kampala, more than 18 million people in Uganda are on the internet everyday. Everyone on the internet is looking for a solution to their problem, a solution you business provides. Let us get you in front of all of these potential clients today.

There is no replacement for quality

Consistently high quality work is the difference between clients continuing to buy from you or switching to your competitor. Is your digital presence representing you well? Are you proud of it? Do the returns on your marketing investment say the same story?