5 Digital Marketing Skills For Every Marketer in 2020

Digital marketing is a growing industry the spun off from regular marketing when the internet came into prominence. The world has moved rapidly from the age of sales letters to email marketing, from TV and radio advertising to podcasting and video ads on social media. In this article, we will break down the most digital marketing skills every marketer must learn in 2020 in order to take advantage of this growth.

The Digital Revolution: Digital marketing skills

With the rise of the internet, several marketing tools became redundant. Tools such as flyers and sales letters became less effective while services such as Google created advertising that better targeted the right clients for your business thus driving the cost of advertising down and increasing the return on advertising dollars spent.

The internet has become a haven for entrepreneurs that want to rapidly grow their business and have the budget to spend on it. Many people are earning large amounts of money through digital marketing while even more people are wondering around failing to figure out what they need in order to make a single penny from the internet.

What Do I Need to Learn In order To Make Money Online? Digital marketing skills

The internet can be a major maze, with various tools and weapons at your disposal. This can lead to confusion and even more questions. What CRM should you use? What social platform should you focus on? Who should I target? And finally, how do I track my returns?

All these questions are valid and I have asked them too. There are many answers and I will help you to break it down to a step by step system that you can follow to earn an income online through digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Skills: Copywriting

Digital Marketing Skills

Copywriting is probably the most important skill you need to learn when it comes to any form of marketing and sales. Digital marketing is no exception. A great copy piece of copy (article/writing) should be able to send the right message to your audience, explain clearly the benefits of the item you are selling and provide interesting reading to top it off.

This is a skill that you must always work on improving, sharpening your tools in order to penetrate your readers and keep them captivated. Many times, you will find sales pages on the internet with too much copy on them that they keep going around and around in circles. Then you can bump into a short one-liner that captivates, explains and sells all in on fell swoop. This is the true power of copywriting. If there is any skill, I will urge you to learn, it is copywriting. You could always outsource it to someone else, however, you must know the key components that make good copy and this may take years of practice to figure out. There are courses and resources that can help you even if you are not 100 great with the English language. Courses such as one my Paul Hancox.

Digital Marketing Skills: Reading Data

Digital Marketing Skills

In the past, most marketing data was received and tallied at the end of a specific financial period when the company did its financial reporting. In the modern world, however, this data is available to you almost instantly when you use digital marketing platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Bing. You can easily see where you are going wrong and start taking steps to fix it.

This is why learning to read the data is very important. Every platform has a different way of reading data and as a result, you will need to study them in order to become a real specialist. You do not have to learn them both in the beginning, start with one platform and once you are good at that proceed to learn the rest.

Digital Marketing Skills: Imagery

Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing is mostly visual, this means that you must understand what images best suite your organization. With the growth of the internet, there are many websites, videos and other forms of content both online and off that are fighting for your audience’s attention. Creating visually beautiful content can help you keep the audience’s attention. This is why you need to learn and master the subtle art of picking and editing the right images.

Imagine scrolling through your favorite social media platform, you scrolling rapidly to see all the exciting content your friends are posting. What part of the post actually drives you to stop scrolling? Yes, you guessed it, the image. If the image does not catch your attention in a split second you are likely to skip past whatever the content is.

This is the same for your audience. Images drive them to stop and view the rest of your content and read the copy. This is why images are very powerful tools.

The best way to create captivating images is by using image editing tools such as Adobe Lightroom, if you are not a pro photo editor, don’t get intimidated. Lightroom comes with loads of presets that you can either purchase or download for free onto your mobile device. We wrote about Adobe Lightroom and presets here.

You can also consider using stock images (preferably paid ones since many people use the free images) to bolster your image if you are looking for graphics you cannot possibly design yourself. Envato Elements is a great place to find such images.

Digital Marketing Skills: Platforms

Digital Marketing Skills

You have people you are targeting that will benefit from your product. Who are they? What do they do and where can you find them?

Knowing the platforms your preferred clients use will help you identify which platform will be best to start with. Yes, you want to start a podcast. Yes, you want to be active on Tik Tok, however, if your clients are not active on those platforms then you must simply forget about them and focus on the platforms that will give you the best ROI (return on investment). In short, target the low hanging fruit. This will allow you to start seeing results faster and then you can expand once you have a large enough following.

The platform you pick also affects the basic skills you need to learn about content management, posting, reading the data and interacting with your clients. These are all very important and thus the platform you pick will decide what you spend most of your time doing.

Pick wisely.

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Digital Marketing Skills: Emails

Digital Marketing Skills

Emails are a critical part of any social media or digital marketing plan. If you do not know how to utilize email you will always be at the mercy of the platform you just selected. Email gives you a chance to take ownership of your leads and convert them to clients even if it takes a year to do so.

That being said, you will need to learn how to collect emails from your website visitors or social visitors. You will also need to know what to do once you have them on your email list. There are several tools that can help you collect emails from visitors to your website including Hellobar.

Once you have collected an email, the next step is to send the lead who belongs to the email some valuable information. There are several tools you can use for that. The most common tool is Aweber.

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