Owning Your Domain In Uganda

Owning Your Domain In Uganda

Most business owners in Uganda want to have a website. They want to be spotted digitally by willing clients and they also want to be able to sell online. This is all possible with the advancements in technology that Uganda has experienced. Sadly, most businesses make a fatal error that leaves them stuck with a service provider who can easily take them for granted. Most businesses fail to buy and own their own domain names.

Owning your downing in Uganda

A Story To Live By

Do you currently pay rent for your office building? The address on your business card is owned by someone else? What happens when they decide to sell their building or demolish it?

I have never spoken to the people involved in the story I am about to share with you and therefore I will not use their real names or locations.

One day as we were driving from somewhere going somewhere else, I do not truly remember the locations because I was deep in thought about our marketing business and the strategies we would follow. I remember my brother-in-law speaking fondly about a grilled chicken restaurant that he loves. He suddenly went on discussing how lucky the business owner was.

This grilled chicken joint had been renting a space for some time. The space had a very small parking space for clients to use and was situated at an awkward part of the road. Dispite these obstacles they had become successful while renting this location and amassed a large and loyal customer base. After witnessing the success of this business, the landlord decided that he or she would start a similar business in that same location. The started hiking the price of the rental to make it impossible for the tennent to profitably run their business from that same location.

Eventually the famous grilled chicken joint was shut down and had to relocate. The landlord stayed and started a similar business on that address. His business, though still operating failed to gain as much traction as that of his former tennents. The tennent on the other hand moved on with his base of loyal clients and managed to grow that number to include me.

Why You Should Own Your Domain

There are many lessons to be learned from the story above. Though the story relates to a physical address its lessons can be used on more than just an address. For example, did you know that you can either own your domain name or use a domain name owned by someone else?

Crazy, right? Yes, especially since a domain name can cost as little as USD8.88. Despite the cost, some businesses are more than willing to rush into getting a developer to develop a website, host it and manage it without taking possession of the website files and the domain name.

The problem with not taking ownership of your domain name is that you have no control over it. You pay for the development and are more than willing to pay someone an annual fee to just keep your property active. Below is a small list of reasons why domain name ownership is crucial

  • Time and Money

Getting a website is not the only investment you will make for your business. You are going to invest time and money to make sure people visit the website. That is how it should be. You need to pay for advertising and link your website to other platforms. All this can prove useless if you fail to pay your service provider.

  • Service providers suck

Most website developers lack a customer support system to remind their client of the expiring subscription. You can even fail to reach them when you need to fix issues with the website. If your service provider proves to be below par you will need to move on. This is made harder when you do not own your address.

  • You do not own it

This third one is obvious. When your business owns something it becomes an asset. It increases the value of the business. Owning your own domain means your business is better. Actually, domain names can be sold to other people for a large amount of money. There are many markets where you can go and buy a domain name and some have been sold for more than USD1000. Why would you pay someone to buy your domain name for you in their own names? The end result will be a tug of war between you and them, them trying to keep you as a client forcefully and you trying to get a service provider that cares about your success.

Owning your domain in uganda


At SNCT Marketing we want you to own your domain names. Therefore we make sure that when we develop a website for you the domain name is in your name. In case you already have a website and do not own the domain name, please attempt to retrieve it from the service provider. If you do not have a website please ensure that the domain name is in your name.

In order to purchase your own domain name you can simply create an account for you or your business on the link below. I have also included a link to a YouTube showing you how to purchase a domain name in Uganda.

Namecheap link to secure your domain name here.

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