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When I first started digital marketing; I was immediately introduced to Facebook advertising. My business picked up and was thriving but, I felt it lacked something. Research and persistence led me to educate myself about email marketing and how to integrate it into Facebook advertising. Besides most businesses driving potential customers to their expensive tools through affiliate marketing, I had no idea why I needed to implement email marketing to my business. In this post, I will explain why you need to implement email marketing into your strategy and how beneficial Constant Contact is to your business.

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Since my early days in the industry, I have tried and tested several platforms for email marketing including Mail chimp, and Sendinblue. Today, however; we are going to take a deeper dive into understanding how Constant Contact works; and how you can get started today.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool that was established over 20 years ago. The fact that it has been in existence for this long made it interesting and I decided to give it a shot. This platform is one of the most affordable, offering unlimited emails for as little as $20. This is amazing considering most platforms throttle the number of emails you can send out based on the plan you are on and they usually are more expensive.

With Constant Contact, you can send 1000 emails at the same time to 1000 different people and have them personalized. Each email can contain the name of the receiver, and other personal information. Doesn’t that sound like something worthwhile for your business?

Many business owners like yourself are intentional about collecting clients’ email addresses and contact details but once done, they have no plan on what to do next. Read on to find out what you can do with this email marketing platform and how beneficial it can be to you.

Benefits of Constant Contact

There are many benefits that come with using a well-established platform such as constant contact. Granted, many other platforms may share similar benefits, I mean, what can you really do differently? Well here is what Constant Contact has to offer you:

  1. Award-winning support: I may be wrong, however, I do believe that most platforms do not call you to help you start out with your free trial. Also, when using a platform for your business. Having great customer support in place is a huge benefit.
  2. Free Trial: Test this platform for free and use their premium features. None of the holdups of testing substandard features and being forced to upgrade for features you know you need but haven’t tried out before.
  3. Just enough templates: I don’t know about you, but I hate being bogged down by having too much choice. In this regard, constant contact offers 100 templates for you to pick from. These templates are mobile-friendly and easy to edit.
  4. Integrations: Are you trying to use Constant Contact with your website or your marketplace? Enough said, below are just a few of the platforms that Constant Contact can seamlessly integrate with.
Email Automation Constant Contact

Can you try the platform before paying for it?

The most amazing part of software platforms in this era is that you can absolutely try them out for free before committing to them financially. I would definitely suggest giving them a shot if you are looking for a tool that can help your business retain and maintain an email list and help you convert leads to clients.

Before I break down all the other benefits and features offered by constant contact, let me breakdown how you can actually use the platform. If you are like me, you are probably in a rush to test it out while you are on the topic.

How to use Constant Contact Email Marketing Tool

Click this link to go to the homepage of constant contact and register for your free trial.

You will see the following screens during the registration process. There may also be prompt to add your payment details. Don’t worry about it, you will not be charged anything during the trial period.

Constant Contact Homepage
email automation Constant Contact
Constant Contact Registration Form
Email Automation Constant Contact
Constant Contact Questionnaire

Once you have set up your account, you will be able to login and start using the platform.

You can start off by checking out the templates that constant contact has on offer. A wide variety of templates to help make the process of email creation easier. From my experience with sending out email, I can tell you this, trying to create a new design every time you send one will cost you time you do not have. It is best to use a template.

Pick the template of your choice, and start editing it using the drag and drop feature.

Email Automation Constant Contact
Constant Contact Dashboard
Email Automation Constant contact
Constant Contact Templates
Email Automation Constant Contact
Constant Contact Editor
Email Automation Constant Contact
Constant Contact Sending Emails

Once you have sent out the email, you will be able to track its performance and see how many people have opened the emails and clicked on links in the emails. A very handy tool because your business must be backed by data.

Constant Contact Tracking Performance

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