Email Marketing: Why every blogger needs to send out emails

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer toolbox. It is a tool that has taken many forms over the decades. From direct sales letters to faxes and then email. Why is this marketing and sales tool so powerful? Why has it outlasted many other tools? In this article, we will discuss why every blogger needs to send out emails.

What is an Email? Email marketing

I am sure you know what an email is. You have probably received hundreds of thousands of emails at this stage in your life. I am positive that you have sent some emails out yourself. However, looking at an email from the point of view of a person that wants to share valuable information with a group of other people is different from the emails we send out every day to school recruiters, work colleagues and family members.

Digital marketers use emails for a wider range of reasons and to accomplish several more tasks including creating revenue. There are 3 types of emails that digital marketers send on a daily basis.



Automated (transaction) Emails

These different types of emails play a crucial role that leads to the ultimate goal of creating revenue.

The different roles of marketing emails

As mentioned above, the ultimate goal of Email Marketing is to grow your revenue. However, emails have many different purposes and use cases.

Raising awareness:

Marketing professionals have been using the written word to raise awareness on key issues for centuries. The method (written word) has never changed, however, the delivery is constantly evolving. Emails are just the latest method of sending your message and raising awareness for your cause.


People are constantly on the internet to learn new skills. As a result, email is a tool being used to share educational content regarding things your brand or business is tackling. Sending emails to people who are registered to get this information from you is powerful and increases the impact your information has.


Branding is what any serious business has at the forefront of their marketing agendas. Making sure your brand stands out and is on the top of their minds when it comes to the services you provide. Have you noticed how consistently Apple or Sony will email you to share new information about the activities and products they are launching?


If your business is not producing sales, it is not a business. You need to constantly think of ways to produce revenue and the best way is by targeting people that have already bought from your or showed in interest in what you are selling and offering them an easy way to reach you and purchase from you. A good email strategy will always encompass a sales element to it.

Why every blogger needs to send out emails

As a blogger, you probably have a product you are trying to market and sell. It may be an affiliate product or a course you have created. Would it not be easier to sell it to people who know, like, and trust you? When you have an email list, everyone on that list already knows you, likes you, and most probably trusts you. Because of that, sending information to your email list will most likely translate to revenue as you are sending information and offers to fairly warm leads.

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Regardless of the industry, you are in, email marketing is a powerful tool that you must utilize. If you do not know how to run an email campaign, you must consider someone who can do this work for you. In case you are curious then you can schedule a consultation with one of our team members.

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