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The Power Of Digital Marketing: Convert Your Business To An Online Giant

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While many people talk about how great it is to start a business, very few are honest about how difficult it is to run one. This is not a get rich quick book.

In this non-fluff free book, you will learn the strategies and tricks used by some of the fastest growing companies today and
how YOU can implement them to grow your business.

We will analyze the problems that confront business leaders every day, sharing the insights Carl has gained managing, investing in, and supervising several companies. Business lessons with engaging content, this book tells it straight about everything from knowing your brand, communicating with your client, cultivating and sustaining a CEO mentality to knowing the right time to form a sustainable partnership.

“The Power Of Digital Marketing: Convert Your Business To An Online Giant” can show you how to;

  • ┬áStart your online business
  • Get from zero to a fully functioning business
  • Migrate your current processes and move them online
  • Take advantage of the internet to grow your business

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