Getting Your Business Online with A Full-Service Web Host

Picture this: the year is 2020, and you have a business you are proud of and products or services you want to sell in order to make that much-needed revenue. People are actually interested in what you want to sell, so they go online and ask Google about businesses or services similar to yours. They find 5 different companies in the same town as you, all offering a similar service, but not yours. He or she clicks on the links and go to the websites of each of those companies and eventually picks one to go and visit. None of those options are yours. Why? You do not have a website for Google to show them.

The Good News

The world has changed. Websites are not only for the rich or larger companies. In fact, service providers such as HostPapa offer extraordinary value. They provide a service known as web hosting, and HostPapa is probably the best on the market.

What is Full-Service Web hosting?

Before I can tell you about all the great features and support you will get from HostPapa, I must first breakdown what they do. In case you are not too familiar with this sort of technical stuff.

Imagine your website is a house. In order for the house to be built you first need land (Web hosting plan). Your land must be large enough to accommodate your house and the number of people you want to stay there (server specifications and bandwidth). You must also have an address for the house so that people can find you easily (domain). Your beautiful property needs security to protect you against burglars (SSL certificate).

In this context, HostPapa can be considered your real-estate agent. They make it possible for you to build the home you want at a price you can afford. Below is a description of all the services they offer. You can also head to their website to check these features out for yourself.

Domain Name:

People tend to put in a lot of work when it comes to picking the right company name. Same goes for the domain name. If you are still wondering what a domain name is, it is your websites name/address.

Hostpapa web host
A typical domain

HostPapa is an ICANN certified domain registrar. They are able to sell you a domain at a very affordable price point.

Web Hosting:

Web hosting is an important part of getting your business online. You cannot have a website without having a place to host it. Web hosts are typically huge buildings that house a lot of computer servers and store your website data. That is the data that people see when visiting your website.

There are several types of hosting plans that you can pick from when you head over to HostPapa. They range in terms of your prices and capacity requirements. Picking the best web hosting plan is crucial for your business to start the right way. However, you can always upgrade the plan at any time.

HostPapa also has a dedicated hosting plan for businesses that use the WordPress platform for their websites. This plan is called Optimized WordPress Hosting and it helps make building a website a lot easier.

Hostpapa Web Host
Screenshot from HostPapa Website

SSL Certificate:

The security of your website is very important and this can be done through something called an SSL Certificate. Luckily for you, HostPapa provides you free SSL Certificates every time you purchase a domain. Without this, your website will not work and will not be recommended by Google.

Certain features such as the collection of funds on your website will not work without an SSL Certificate. You can identify websites that have SSL Certificates through the beginning of the website address. If the address starts with either HTTP or HTTPS, that website has an SSL. Other security features offered by HostPapa include Cloud Backups and maintenance of their servers. Your website is safe with them.

Other Features Every Full-Service Web Hosting Should Offer

I especially enjoy it when I can purchase every service required from one platform. Knowing that one platform is responsible for all your needs, makes it simple to deal with any technical issues. HostPapa does this for you. They also offer very good 24/7 technical support to help you solve any issues in a timely manner.

Other services you can find on HostPapa for your own ease include those listed below.

  1. Office 365
  2. G Suite
  3. DIFM – Website Design and Management Service
  4. Email Hosting

As a digital marketing agency, these features are what we generally use for our client’s businesses and we strongly recommend them.

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