How to Design the Best WordPress Website

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Building a website has never been easier. The process was made super simple by WordPress the ultimate online tool. In this article I will walk you through some simple rules to follow when developing the best WordPress website, I will also guide you to some amazing tools you can use to make your WordPress website pop with a capital “P”.

What you will need in order to develop the best WordPress website is:

  • Understand the difference between and
  • Webhosting service provider
  • How to install to your server/webhost
  • Get a theme for your website
  • Plugins
  • Design a logo
  • Images
  • Copy/text for your website

In order to get started on the right note, the tools you will need in order to build the best WordPress website are listed below. You may click on the links provided in this article to access those tools. These are affiliate links.

  1. Webhost: Namecheap
  2. Domain name: Namecheap
  3. Themes: Envato Elements
  4. Stock images: Envato Elements
  5. Logo design tool: Namecheap
  6. Plugins: Envato Elements
  7. Copy or text: Microsoft office or any word program where you can write and save the copy for each individual page.

As you can see, a lot of the tools mentioned here can be found on two main platforms and these are really all you need to start with. The rest of the tools can be found directly on WordPress and can be acquired for free.

How much does is cost to build the best website?

Building the best WordPress website is not an expensive endeavor. Actually with the breakdown below you can fully understand the costs related to building a website if you decide to do it alone or to hire a team to help you build it.

  1. Webhosting for a single website: Namecheap
  2. Domain name .com: Namecheap
  3. Envato Elements subscription
The best wordpress website Envato themes

These are the only costs you will incur when developing the best WordPress website for you or your business. In case you require assistance you will have to pay a labor charge. SNCT Marketing would be glad to help you develop your website with our labor fee for a basic website starting at USD 199. You can contact us by clicking the link below.

You need to understand what constitutes the “best website” in the context of this blog post. Once you understand this you will understand some of the prices above.

What constitutes the “Best WordPress Website”?

When it comes to having the best website possible the requirements are simple, you need to have a few items work extremely well and your website becomes the best. Let’s list the requirements below.

  1. Your website should load quickly
  2. SEO must be done right
  3. It should have a great appearance
  4. User experience should be spectacular
  5. It should be available 99% of the time

When it comes to user experience, SEO, and appearance, you need to do an amazing job selecting a theme. This is why we use Envato Elements for our themes. On the other hand, the loading speed and uptime are a result of picking the right WebHost service provider. In that regard SNCT Marketing uses Namecheap.

Building the best wordpress website

The first step to building the perfect website is understanding the purpose of your website. User experience is very important to consider if you want visitors to spend more time on your website. This starts with content, forms, offers, colors, and more. If you have a clear picture of the purpose of the website the rest becomes easier.

There are many reasons why you could get a website. You could want:

  1. Get leads (contact details of potential clients)
  2. Sell products (e-commerce)
  3. Simply share information about an issue or cause
  4. Allow people to use an application or service you have created

And more…

The bottom line is this, you need people to visit the website and spend more time there. Take your time and draft the pages of the website, user experience, designs on a piece of paper before you invest anything. Do this even if you are going to outsource the development. Once you figure this out, you need to start taking action.

Technical Steps to take to develop the Best WordPress Website

Once you know why you are building a website and who your audience is you need to start getting the tools in place. Let’s start with a domain name and a Webhosting service.

Buying a domain name

the best wordpress website Namecheap hosting

Buying a domain name is an absolute must if you are developing a website for a serious project. Namecheap will give you a free domain name when you register for Webhosting, I would suggest you buy a .com domain name at the least.

Getting your hosting package

Are you planning on building more than 1 website or is it a one-and-done sort of thing? Either way, when you are building your first website or building for a new project it is ok to start small and grow later. I would suggest you start with a shared hosting plan which will be a lot more affordable. You could also go for a WordPress hosting plan but this is optional.

Installing wordpress to your hosting plan

After getting your domain name and hosting plan, you will need to install WordPress. This is made easy by Namecheap, go to your Cpanel and you will find the WordPress logo. Click in there and install WordPress to the domain name you selected.

Acquire your theme

Head over to Envato and create an account. Start searching for themes and go through them until you find the right one for you. Proceed to purchase it and select the license you want. Download the file from Envato and save it on your Desktop.

Install the theme to your website

Once you have the theme saved on your desktop extract it from the zip file. Go to your WordPress website using the information given to you when you installed WordPress. Install the theme you have selected.

Add information and customise

Get images and the text for your website. Make sure you get images from stock websites to avoid any legal action from being taken against you. Envato Elements has stock images that you can use easily. You can also use your own images if you have any available.

Once you are done you will be able to immediately start marketing your website and your content and getting people to visit your pages. There are several steps not included in this article because they do not impact your ability to have an amazing website. However, for your information, you will need to install the plugins you need, have your website crawled by google and bing, create lead forms using a plugin, and a lot more. We will walk through these steps in a future article. Meanwhile, feel free to read our article on how to get a free theme for your websites.

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