How to Get Free Theme Templates for Your Website: Beginners Guide to Building A Website And Getting Free Templates Using WordPress And Envato

A website is a business commodity. Every functioning business that is serious about growth and marketing needs a website. Not only is it a vital tool to share information about your services it is a critical building block for any social media ads you may want to run in order to get clients to buy from you. In this article, we will walk through how to build an amazing WordPress website and how to get a free theme from Envato.

WordPress: Building A Website And Getting Free Templates

WordPress is the most used (around the world) website development tool. In fact, most of the websites you visit on the internet, including this one, are WordPress websites. They look extremely good and professional while just being templates. In order for you to get the best out of WordPress, you will need a good theme template that you can easily customize to suit your brand and your needs.

Building a website on WordPress is simple. Simply click the link below to watch a video on how to create a WordPress website without any coding skills. There are a few things you need in order to build a website using WordPress and I have attached links to those tools for your convenience.

What You Need When Building A WordPress Website

The basics for building a good WordPress website are simple. All you need are the items listed below:

  1. Webhosting service
  2. Domain name
  3. Theme
  4. Content

Luckily for you, we can help you with the first three. The fourth item depends on your business and will require a one on one call to discuss how we can help ease the process for you. For the purpose of this post, I will briefly walk through the first two and focus mostly on the third item, themes.

Webhosting service

Webhosting services providers provide a vital service on the internet. No website can operate without being hosted therefore you need to get this first. Luckily for you, there is no need to buy your own servers, there are many companies that own servers and rent out space on those servers for you. If this is your first website and you don’t have much traffic you may consider a cheap option known as shared hosting.

Namecheap, the web hosting service provider SNCT Marketing uses is a solid option. It is affordable, easy to use, and provides amazing customer service. If you are not a professional coder, trust me you will need good customer support. We only recommend services that we use and this one is always top on the list. Click here to check out their services and prices.

Domain name

A domain name is another critical component for anyone looking to start an online business or simply get your website up and running. It is the address that people type when they want to visit your website. It can be a .com, .net, .org and more. You can also find a great domain name on Namecheap once you select the Webhosting package.

Theme templates

Now that you have the basics ready it is time to get your WordPress website up and running. The goal is to pick a theme for your website that looks great and works exactly for the purpose you desire. Keep in mind that there are many different themes out there that serve different purposes. For example, a theme can be designed specifically for retail e-commerce stores, blogging, administration and so much more.

One of the largest curated databases of themes is Envato. Envato holds loads of professionally done, licensed themes that you can use and the best part about it is that they give these themes away from time to time. Actually, on a monthly basis, they send out an email with freebies that you can download, store and use later.

Regardless, you may simply want to take advantage of their great promotions and buy discounted themes if you can’t get a theme that suits you off the bat. Either way, the Envato Marketplace is a God Send for people designing websites.

Below is a video to help you when you are ready to install your themes from the Envato marketplace to your website.

When it comes to using Envato, simply subscribe to create an account and start searching for exactly what you need. Each item you purchase comes with a license for use, read through it and make sure you download it with the right license.

Not only do they provide themes for your WordPress website, but Envato also provides other items that can help you in developing the ultimate website experience. Below is a shortlist of items we like to acquire from Envato:

  • Themes
  • Video intros
  • Stock images
  • WordPress plugins

There is a lot more in that marketplace making it the largest in the world.

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