How to get the best out of a marketing consultation for your business

If you are reading this, you probably have a marketing consultation scheduled and want to be able to take full advantage of it so that it is not a waste of your time. Firstly; congratulations on taking steps to improve and grow your business. Secondly, this article will guide you on how to take advantage of and get the best out of your marketing consultation.

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Marketing consultation

Marketing consultation: What is a marketing consultant?

A marketing consultant is a person who helps a company decide how to best engage existing and potential clients. Their goal is to create a marketing strategy based on the information provided to them. They take an analytical approach to marketing to ensure that your business gets high returns.

It is important to understand that a marketing consultant is not necessarily a design firm or agency. They may work with a marketing agency to ensure that the plans are followed, however, there is a clear distinction in their roles. Understanding this distinction will help you to get ready for your meeting.

Marketing consultation: Bring all the information you have

In order to get the best out of marketing consultation, be sure you bring as much information as you can about your business to the meeting. This information is crucial when it comes to determining the right strategy for your business. It may seem weird when the consultant asks you about the price of your product or service and also wants to find out what your profit margins are. They are simply trying to determine the right strategy that will fit in your budget and allow your business to thrive in the short, medium and long-term.

That being said, be sure you can answer questions about your operations, processes, clients, products, and services. It helps to paint a clear picture of your business and what it needs to improve in order to get where you want it to get.

Marketing consultation: Be ready to talk

Having a bottle of water handy for your conversation may be wise. In the first meeting with a consultant, you must be ready to do all the talking while they listen and ask questions to get to specific points. If you spend less time talking during the conversation that means they will probably not be able to give you a good enough marketing plan to follow.

When I say talk, I mean talk about your business. Though it may be fun and important to make small talk remember that your business is the priority here. Do not be offended if the consultant stirs you back to the matter at hand and they will not be offended should you do the same.

Marketing consultation: Writing Notes

Your consultant will be writing notes, you should be prepared to do the same. Take notes on what you discuss, timelines you agree upon and any tips they may give you during the conversation. Writing notes is not rude, in fact, it is the best form of respect in such cases as it shows they are serious about you and your business succeeding.

Marketing consultation: Create timelines for an eventual presentation

So, you have given the consultant all this information and they have taken notes. Now make sure you schedule another appointment for them to present their findings and solutions. If they present to you on the spot, there is a high likelihood they will miss some information. Come to the consultation with a future date in mind to have another meeting.

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In order to get the best value from a consultant, be ready to share as much information as possible and expect them to listen and take notes. Though most consultants are good, they are still human. They do not mind read and tend to forget information just like you. You have anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour to share information in order to get the best and most relevant marketing strategy for your business.

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