How To Grow Your Business During A Pandemic (Corona Virus (COVID-19) Outbreak 2020)

We’ve all seen it in the newspapers and online articles, Corona Virus (COVID-19) is spreading fast. Every day there are more cases being reported in the news. Health Organisations around the world are encouraging people to stay away from crowds, work or study from home and take better precautions like washing hands, etc. What does this mean for your business? Should you close shop and call it a day? If you were intentional about increasing sales through marketing but unfortunately the Corona Virus hit – read on. We will be walking through the tools that can help you grow your business during a pandemic.

What Industries are Impacted the most? Grow Your Business During A Pandemic

Yes, the travel/tour and hospitality industries have been hit the hardest but you’d be surprised that people are still daring enough to book hotels, eat out and travel the globe, because for some, “YOLO” (You Only Live Once).

However, industries such as events management that carry out; conferences, seminars, etc, which usually have speakers/MCs flying in from different parts of the world, educating and broadening large groups of peoples’ minds on different topics ranging from running your own business to health, wellbeing, and lifestyle; the outbreak has made it imperative for these companies to get creative and innovate new ways to deliver the message, impact the audience’s lives in a positive way while keeping the sales numbers up.

So what does this mean for you as a Digital Marketer? Grow Your Business During A Pandemic

Despite this negativity surrounding this current state, there is still an opportunity for Digital Marketing and Digital Marketers to continue engaging audiences and getting confirmed leads by first of all making sure the message in the copy is reassuring that all precautions have been taken into making the product safe and it’s still viable to purchase said product.

The Tools To Help Keep Your Business Thriving: Grow Your Business During A Pandemic

By switching to innovative methods, companies can still hold conferences and promote their events by advertising online conferences, switching to webinars VS live events and for further promotion, the digital marketing team can upsell more products via drop shipping and other online sales options. Here are the tools that can help you keep your business going:


Technology has long been making a gradual switch to digital and this is the same for events. Many businesses have already taken the opportunity to start running online conferences, seminars, and courses. Universities have long been recording lectures and sharing them with distance learning pupils. You too can take advantage of this without having to pay millions for setting up and adding additional equipment to your list of business costs.

Sales Calls

The hardest part of running a business is getting new clients. Even harder is keeping them on. You may be concerned about the costs of keeping in contact with your clients while they are afraid to keep coming to visit you. Fear not, below are a few tools you can use for client calls and for face to face (video calls) with either a single client or a group of clients based in different areas. You can also run your sales presentations and conference calls from here:

Contact your customers virtually through a high-quality video call with Zoom for meetings

Reach people at low rates with Skype

Virtual Reality Experience

Nothing may feel quite like the real thing, however, advancements in the field of virtual reality mean that you can still help your clients to experience your tours and activities while they are not actually there with you. Granted, this may be the costliest of all required investments, however, if you consider it to be a long term investment and alternative income stream for your business, you may just be able to justify the investment.

Sales and Retail

Online shopping is growing around the world, in fact, most large businesses have reduced their investment into brick and mortar outlets and focused on building logistics systems to help them get products to their clients. You can utilize already established logistics systems in your country if you had not started building your own systems. Just ensure the packages are packed securely and give your clients some peace of mind through your marketing campaigns.

Transfer and receive payments through TransferWise and save money when making international transactions.

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Conclusion: Grow Your Business During A Pandemic

The current situation although seemingly negatively impacting various industries, on the other hand, could boost e-commerce sales due to physical shops and public spaces being temporarily closed as the virus is contained. On the flip side, due to overwhelming demand, shipping and logistics companies will be affected due to orders delays because of security and health measures that have been put into place to combat the spread of COVID-19, resulting in higher demand for cancellations and refunds.

Remember to wash your hands with soap for at least 20-30 seconds, take your vitamin C, D and Zinc and also be mindful of others who appear to have signs and symptoms. Be safe.

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