How to make money blogging in 2020

Blogging is a powerful platform that is being used by many business owners to grow their businesses and earn an income online. There are many blogs on the internet and several niches are already being covered. You can literally find a blog post about just about anything today. With the growth in popularity of video content and social posts, this article will answer the question, how to make money blogging in 2020?

How to make money blogging in 2020

What is a blog? How to make money blogging in 2020

A blog, or weblog, is an informal platform, written as a journal, where people can share information on various topics including their day to day activities, hobby items and more. The most popular niches that bloggers write about include, food, fashion, personal finance, and lifestyle.

Simply put, a blog is where you write about topics you are passionate about in order for other people to find the information on the internet. You can either create a public blog for everyone or keep it private so that only people you share the link with can find it.

Who writes a blog?

How to make money blogging in 2020

Anyone can write a blog. All you need is a web hosting account, WordPress and content you want to write about. It is that simple. For a full list of our top picks of web hosts for 2020, click here.

If you have a niche you are interested in writing about and are willing to put in the time to create the content, blogging might just be a great fit for you too.

How do you get paid for blogging?

There are several ways to monetize your blog and start earning money through blogging, some of which we use here at SNCT Marketing. The list includes affiliate marketing, advertising, selling digital products, and selling physical products. Let’s dive deeper into these methods. The real key is to produce relevant content your audience wants, providing a solution to them and making it easy for them to get the solution.

How to make money blogging in 2020

Affiliate marketing: How to make money blogging in 2020

Affiliate Link
Appearance of an affiliate link

In 2015, I learned about something very interesting, it totally blew my mind. I had known the concept of agents or middlemen from an early stage in my life and so I knew immediately that this method of making money worked and had real potential.

Affiliate marketing is simply, being a middle man. Taking someone’s product and marketing it to people who need it. There is a lot more involved, however, this is it basically.

In 2017, I joined an organization that was founded by an affiliate marketer whose sole desire was to teach other people how to make money the same way. I learned that there were many businesses willing to give marketers and content creators a commission for bringing them new clients. This totally blew my mind. I had spent time trying the same business model in the real world and had very little success, while people on the internet, who did not have to see or talk to other people were making a killing.

How affiliate marketing actually works

Many businesses actually need people to market their products for them. These marketers are called affiliates while the businesses they are marketing are known as affiliate programs. There are many affiliate programs you can join, however, I would suggest you market a product you actually use and find to be of great value. The most popular platform to find affiliate programs on is Clickbank, while you have access to other platforms such as app.impact and CJ Affiliate. There are a lot of other platforms that you can join in order to find affiliate programs.

Once you find an affiliate program, you then have to write blog posts and create content related to the programs you are marketing. This content may be in the form of how-to articles that teach people how to do specific things. You can also write product reviews and comparisons that people may be interested in in order for you to drive traffic to the links.

How do I get paid as an affiliate?

Drop shipping

When you get people to visit your blog, your content should drive them to click the link your affiliate program provided you with. The link will have a tracking code that is associated with your online account and will make people who clicked your link, in turn, become your leads. Once a lead purchases the product, you will get paid your commission for that product.

Most affiliate programs will let you select from a few payment methods including PayPal and wire transfer. They will also have a payment threshold, meaning you will only get the money deposited into your account after the threshold is passed.

Learn more about making money online here

I understand that affiliate marketing can seem overwhelming, this is why I have compiled a list of the tools you will need in order to get started with an optimal budget.

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Advertisements: How to make money blogging in 2020

Ads are a powerful instrument used by bloggers to generate an income. A lot of online content creators are making money by allowing services such as Google Ads to show adverts on their content. I use ads on my other content including applications in the play store in order to generate an income and you can use these ads on your website and in your blog posts as well.

Why would someone pay me to post adverts on my content?

In the past (they still do; however, they are not restricted to these methods only), businesses would pay loads of money to advertise their products and service on TV, newspapers, and magazines. As the internet grew in popularity and people started spending more time on computers and mobile phones, businesses had to find a way to get more people to see their adverts. Posting on their own platforms was restrictive as you can only reach the people who already know about you.

As a result, several firms decided to work as online ad agents and provide willing businesses with the opportunity to show their ads on various other websites based on targeting. Companies such as AdMob and Google Adsense are such companies.

How do you get paid for showing adverts on your blog?

Google pays you money if people either view ads (impressions) or click on them to go to the advertiser’s offer (clicks). How much you get paid varies based on different factors including:

– The location that the person clicked or viewed from: Not all locations are the same, a click or view from the U.S. pays more than one from India.

– Niche your content is in: Comedy and memes do not earn as much per click or view as business based niches.

– Time: high peak times and dates pay more than fewer peak times and days, this obviously varies per country and is mainly due to demand.

In short, the more the people that view your content, the more you will earn. Clicks also earn more than impressions which means the more qualified ads shown, the better.

Selling digital products: How to make money blogging in 2020

Sell digital products

As I was learning more about digital marketing and affiliate marketing, I learned that not all products and services sold on the internet have the same returns. I learned that digital products were the ultimate money earners. Imagine this, a product you have to create once and can sell millions of times. A product that does not expire and does not require continued reproduction. That is the best type of product to market and sell through your blog.

How do I know what digital products to offer?

The most popular types of digital products are training courses and eBooks. All you need to do is record the training once and sell it to your readers, while for the book, you write it once and you can sell it as a digital download.

If creating digital products is your goal, click here to learn how to start creating high converting products.

With that logic, a good digital product is one that matches your niche. There is absolutely no point in creating a digital product about making money online when your content is about knitting and your blog readers are there to learn about knitting.

How do I get paid when I sell my digital products?

When you produce your own digital products, you can host them on your servers for people to take the training or download the eBooks. If this is your business model, you will need a web host that will offer you a lot of memory to host your content, I recommend Namecheap.

How to make money blogging in 2020

Once you have that figured, you will need a payment gateway, which will link directly to you or your business bank accounts. You can either use PayPal, Stripe or any of the other platforms available. Plugin’s such as WooCommerce (free) are an option to set up your store.

You control all the content and all the revenue goes to you. The only thing you need to do is create relevant products.

Selling brand-related physical products: How to make money blogging in 2020

Have you ever heard of print on demand? What about dropshipping? These are the bloggers’ dream; we should wield these like a Green Lantern ring and use them to monetize our loyal followers.


How it works

If you have amassed a large cult following of people very loyal to your brand, and you know they are willing to buy products with your brand or products that follow your niche, you will be able to use this method to monetize your blog.

Picture it this way, if you write a very good and popular blog about dogs, people who visit your blog regularly are like to pay for dog-related merchandise from you since they trust you.

Where do I get the products?

The beauty of print on demand and drop shipping is that you do not have to create the product, store it, and deal with logistics. All you are doing is taking products already created, (changing some design element), adding it to your online store/blog, collecting payments and paying the manufacturer for the product and shipping. It is pretty much hassle-free.

With tools like, you can even get products that are already popular, and import them to your website by clicking a few buttons.

You can use a service such as printify (pick service provider with an affiliate link for here) to do your print-on-demand delivery. All you need to do is create designs for the products you want to market and sell, add the design to your products, import the product to your store, and start marketing it.

Here are some tools you may want to use for your print on demand business:

Conclusion: How to make money blogging in 2020

Making money through blogging is by no means easy and should be taken seriously, however, there are courses that will allow you fast track the process. You may be interested in this highly recommended course in order to get started and reduce the amount of time you spend on getting started Click Here

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