Picking Your Battles: The Chess Game of Business Success

How do you measure success? Is it by the number of clients you have of the amount of money in your bank account? Some of us measure success by the plethora of certificates we list in our CV’s and on LinkedIn. In short, the measurement of success is different. However; the map to success is already drawn out and the strategy you need to implement requires you to pick your battles.

Chess, the game of strategists: The Chess Game of Business Success

The Chess Game of Business Success

There is nothing better than check mating an opponent after they have made you suffer. A long game where it seems as though they have you against the ropes and then BAM!!! You deliver that fatal blow and take them out of the game. You raise slightly from your seat in excitement as they drop their King.

The reason why I bring this up is because many people play the game of Business as though it is checkers while very few people play it for what it really is, Chess. In the game of Chess, every piece on the board plays a different role and has different skill and abilities. You as the business owner are their general and your role is to win market share.

The reason why many businesses fail in their first year and many more fail by the third year is because most business owners are looking at it from a checkers point of view. In checkers, all the pieces are the same, and in a few quick moves you may get lucky and crown one of your pieces. Unfortunately, there is a higher risk of missing out and not winning than there is a chance to crown.

There are no get rich quick fixes or opportunities, just hard work, strategy and persistence.

Know Your Pieces: The Chess Game of Business Success

The Chess Game of Business Success

When I learned Chess, the first thing I was taught was the names and moves of each piece on the board. I first had to understand the basics before I could play in any major tournaments. I still remember my coach clearing all the pieces on the board except my King and Pawns and doing the same for their pieces then telling me to try and win. For each Pawn that got to the end I go to pick a new piece.

This is the same in business. When you start out, you can only start small. As you reach certain stages you are able to upgrade and invest in the growth of your business. This is long term mentality, a mentality most people seem to lack. All they want is the ka little money now. No one seems to want to become a titan.

Understand that you are limited by the team you have; the pieces on the board.

Queening Your Pawn: The Chess Game of Business Success

Sometimes, once in a while, you will manage to get your pawn to the other end of the board. This give you a chance to get a much-needed boost in resources. In business, you are able to get expertise and resources past your current level in 3 different ways:

  1. Outsourcing
  2. Consultants
  3. Hiring more experienced employees

For the sake of keeping this article, we will focus on option number 1, outsourcing.

The Chess Game of Business Success

Picking Your Battles Through Outsourcing: The Chess Game of Business Success

A clear evaluation of the pieces you have on the board should allow you to come up with a list of your short comings. When it comes to business, short comings mean failure. This is why a clear evaluation is important. Once you know what you lack you must consider how to get that piece on the table without sacrificing too much.

This is why outsourcing is amazing. If allows businesses of different shapes and sizes to gain the advantages their competitors have without having to invest as much money into it. Below is a table listing the different advantage of Outsourcing.

  1. Cheaper than hiring
  2. Less training required
  3. Usually cheaper than paying a salary
  4. No need for additional bonuses such as NSSF and Healthcare.

As a small business these advantages should be enough to drive you to an outsourcing firm. However, many small business owners are playing checkers and not chess. They would prefer to spend more money hiring an inexperienced person, try training them and paying them a lot of money without any guarantee of success as opposed to hiring out the work to a firm that specialises in that sort of work.

They want the company to grow and for them to brag to their peers about how many people they employ. They do not think about the results for the business and they shut down because they have inexperienced team members costing them too much money.

Outsourcing is for you…. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Outsourcing Your Marketing

Marketing plays a vital role in the growth of your business. If you do not know what you are doing in this department you are not going to get any customers. I have heard of many people who regret not being more aggressive with their marketing when the business started.

This is why SNCT Marketing is such a vital initiative and I found it critical to spend a lot of time and money setting up a premier service provider that can provide affordable high-quality expertise. We do not simple boost stuff.

When picking a firm to do your advertising for you, pick one that knows the work ahead. This is vital to anything, be it employing someone or outsourcing. Luckily for you, SNCT Marketing knows what it is doing.

If you are considering growing your team today, I would strongly suggest reaching out to us to find out what we can do for you. Email me on mail@snctmarketing.com and let us schedule a call.

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