SEO: Search Engine Optimization for Growing Your Business in Uganda

Do you have a website or blog? Are you failing to get enough traffic to visit your platform organically and find yourself having to pay for people to visit your content? Is no one actually interested in the content you are producing? In this article we will discuss how to drive more people to your content through SEO: Search Engine Optimization for Growing Your Business in Uganda.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you most certainly need to brush up on your SEO.

SEO skills that work, are not difficult to implement — they do work; however, they may take a long time to produce a consistent result.

In this article, I will share the FREE strategies that work. You can compare paid marketing vs free marketing with us in this here.

What Is SEO? SEO: Search Engine Optimization for Growing Your Business in Uganda

SEO: Search Engine Optimization for Growing Your Business in Uganda

In order to better understand the positive impact of SEO, you first need to know what SEO means.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a free marketing strategy that works on search engines such as YouTube, Google, and Bing. In simple terms, it means how high your content ranks, when people search for content or topics similar to what you write about.

In short, when someone goes to Google and searches for something they want, Google produces a list of websites in the search results. When your website is listed in the first few results, it shows you are using SEO correctly.

This rule applies to anything that people may search for on the internet. If you provide that service or product, your goal should be to feature at the top of the search results. Failure to do so will result in your website is as good as useless.

Do You Need to Implement SEO for Your Business in Uganda?

In Uganda, 19,000,000 people are internet users; based on information in December 2018. That is 41.6% of the population. Yes, that is a large number of the population.

Does your business have 19 million visitors every day? Can you physically meet all these people even in 1 year?

No, right?

Think of it this way, your website is not simply information about your business online. It is your sales representative. SEO is your shopfront, your window display, and your location. It determines if you are located in The Acacia Mall or if you are hidden in the backroads of Katwe (in internet terms).

Yes, all businesses in Uganda, with websites and blogs need to implement SEO strategies. You need to work on being on the top of page one (1).

How do I Know if My Website’s SEO Ranks Highly for Searches in Uganda?

The easiest way to identify how good your website’s SEO strategy is to perform a Google search for your company.

Start simple and improve your searches based on the words, phrases, services, and products you think should be associated with your business.

Searches to Try: SEO: Search Engine Optimization for Growing Your Business in Uganda

To get an idea of where you stand, start by searching for your company name: if you cannot even find your company name in a Google search, you have a lot of work to do. The next step would be for you to write a list of the services and products you provide and search for each of them good tip would be to add the words “in Uganda” to each search.

Are you appearing on the top of Google’s results for each of these?

Lastly, think of any other additional words your clients would relate to or use to describe your business.

If you are not on the top search for any of these items and you are not ranking for any other words, you need to put pen to paper and research words that will work and improve your rankings.

Keep in mind that there is a lot more to it than just searching using Google, however, this is the easiest and fastest way to find out if your website is an asset or if it is a liability.

How We Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) In Uganda

At SNCT Marketing, our team of professionals breaks down your website into key segments based on the immediate need.

If you already have a website with content, we can maximize your investment by simply re-writing all the pages and content in stages.

Schedule a free, no-obligation, consultation with my team of expert marketers and let us tell you how to get your business ranking high for searches in Uganda.

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