The Best Paid Ad Platforms for my business in Uganda: Google VS Facebook

There is no argument, Google and Facebook are the largest social media platforms for businesses to advertise on right now.  They each have a paid marketing option for you to take advantage of, which if used right, can propel your business to a whole new level. The question I will help you answer at the end of this article is, which of these platforms is the best bang for your buck? The Best Paid Ad Platforms for my business in Uganda: Google VS Facebook?

Shillings are not so easy to come by, as a business, a lot of preparation and hard work goes into producing products that your clients would consider buying. This means, your hard-fought Uganda Shillings are not so easy to let go of. I absolutely felt the same way too and went off to search for free marketing options for my business. This was pointless. There are many reasons why paid marketing is so popular. It is measurable, whereas free options are not. You can visit the article on Paid vs Free marketing to learn more.

Why Facebook works in Uganda: The Best Paid Ad Platforms for my business in Uganda: Google VS Facebook

Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform in Uganda. The platform has more than 2.4 million active daily users in Uganda alone. Users on the platform are manly adults ranging from 18 to more than 65 years of age. Some parents and grandparents are active on Facebook.

The platform is widely used for communications, viewing what your friends are up to and asking for referrals. It is growing rapidly as an online store, video streaming platform, and business hub. In short, many of your prospects go to Facebook and use the platform to ask friends for suggestions on services they can use. This is the best audience for your adverts.

The Best Paid Ad Platforms for my business in Uganda: Google VS Facebook

Is Facebook Really Good for My Business in Uganda?

Facebook comes loaded with a lot of features for the business owner. A quick visit to will introduce you to some of their key features. This website is the reason why most business owners around the world use Facebook for advertisements.

Facebook provides you features such as:

  • Reporting and tracking how much you spend daily
  • Check-in real-time which adverts are producing results and which aren’t
  • Follow your website visitors around the internet and target them when they log back into Facebook or Instagram
  • Control how much you spend and stop the advert whenever you want
  • Select exactly who you want to see your adverts through their advanced targeting options
  • Test two or more different adverts (AB testing) to see which returns the results you need

Yes, all this is possible and a whole lot more. This is what makes paying for an advert on Facebook so much more powerful than trying to get free results. Let’s not forget that Facebook limits your business’s organic reach. This means that a small percentage of the people that like or follow your page will actually see your content. So, Facebook’s paid features are a lot more desirable.

Why Google Can Work for my Uganda-based Business: The Best Paid Ad Platforms for my business in Uganda: Google VS Facebook

Google is a search engine. What that means is people go on Google when they want to find something they urgently need to know or get. Google also owns YouTube, Gmail, Chrome, Android operating system and has space on several platforms.

Google also has the option for creators to add advertisements on their platforms such as applications and websites. In short, they have a large reach of platforms for you to take advantage of. Imagine having one platform that can control where your adverts are viewed. For the purpose of this article, we will discuss Google Search.

Is Google Really Good for Your Business?

When you advertise on Google, you get to pick certain keywords or phrases that relate to your business. Google immediately tells you the estimated cost of a result for that specific word. This allows you to plan accordingly. For example, if you want to rate for the phrase “best business in Uganda” you would instantly know how much Google will charge you for each person that clicks on your ad.

Your ad will then feature on the top of Google’s search whenever someone searches for the phrase. This is powerful – someone wants your product and you appear on top without having to spend time on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

That being said, Google’s platform has been gradually increasing the investment for its marketing. This makes it more expensive than Facebook, though you do get a significantly higher rate of return as more people use Google than any other search engine.

Comparisons: Which Platform is Best for my Uganda Business? Google VS Facebook

Let us create dig deep into the differences between these two platforms in the table below

Wide range of ad formatsUnmatched audience targeting
You can get your ad seen solely based on relevance and not based on budgetVisual tools
Extremely high search rate = extremely large audienceHigh Rate Of Return (ROI)


A well planned out marketing strategy is one that can take advantage of all platforms that can reach your prospective clients. The tools offered by both platforms are amazingly powerful and have the power to boost your business if used correctly. The way I understand it is Facebook targets what people like and want, which gives you a chance to retarget and change their minds while Google search targets what people will want – you anticipate what people will want and provide options. In short, I’d say using both platforms together is how you 10X your business rapidly.

How you can get started with your own corporate blog in Uganda

In order to get started, you need a long-term plan and strategy. Simply starting without a plan will lead to many mistakes that can cost you clients and do more harm than good.

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The Best Paid Ad Platforms for my business in Uganda: Google VS Facebook

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