The Future Of Digital Marketing

Marketing in Uganda has long been something reserved for television and newspapers. With the growth of internet, many people in Uganda have started depending on online options for their marketing needs while many buyers look to social media to buy the things they want to purchase and check for price.

My wife is one of those people and I am too. There is something exciting about being able to find what you are looking for without having to get into a car or taxi, drive all the way through the Kampala traffic and find out that you cannot afford it. Nonetheless, social media marketing is a Godsend for businesses of every shape and size.

There is an issue that needs to be addressed however and how your business addresses this will determine if you will survive or if your business will die as the market looks for more convenience.

What I Hate About Marketers in Uganda

I am sure you probably feel like I do, unless you are the one doing it. I mean honestly, this must be the most frustrating thing ever. Let me walk you through a short scenario:

You want to buy a crib for the baby you are expecting. You also want some towels and clothes. As you scroll through Facebook, you find some very nice items being advertised. You open the post and scroll through the comments. All you want to know is…. Is the item any good? What material is it made of? How much is it?

As you scroll through the comments, you realise that many other people are asking the same questions. There are a few responses by the seller, responding to the same questions. When someone finally asks for the prices, they say…


DM for price…. Why?

I would understand if this was a service such as marketing or painting a building. You need to understand the needs and expectations of the client before sending a price list. However, I am shocked when I have to DM for a physical product. I mean honestly, does the price change depending on my profile? The price should be fixed, so why should I DM you for a private quotation?

The Solution to DM For Price?

As someone that studies the best practices in online marketing, I can honestly tell you, the company that shows up with reasonable prices, a website with a purchase page, clear pricing and product descriptions will always win the race.

This is why businesses in Uganda will need to embrace online shopping and marketing at an international level. The buyers that use social media to purchase are a lot more sophisticated and expect a lot more from the store.

They expect:

  1. Quality of product to be depicted
  2. Delivery of the product to be clear
  3. Open pricing
  4. Ease of payment

Can you provide this? Every business on the planet can provide this. The price does not change based on the person walking into the shop or asking you a question. If you are running a business you must have clear pricing and understand your profit levels. So, there is absolutely no need to DM you for prices.

We value your feedback and comments, keep commenting and we will keep responding