The Power of images

The Power of Imagery

Why Good Images Are Critical to Your Business Success:

Images are powerful tools used to attract people to content and keep them engaged. When it comes to images, it is very important to make sure you have the best images and they resonate with your message. Here we are going to discuss the power of imagery and discuss some powerful image hacks and tools to help you take your businesses images to the next level. Read to the end to gain access to our ultimate image checklist.

Why are good images critical?

 good images are critical

The world has moved gradually from audio to image. People used to communicate through drums, horns, trumpets. When someone of importance was arriving, a trumpet would sound. If an attacking army was approaching your scouts would sound horns to ready your army. Now, with the availability of screens we are able to share these messages to a large group of individuals through images and this method is very effective.

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The Science Behind Imagery: good images are critical

Did you know: articles with images receive 94% more readership and exposure compared to articles with mere text?

There is a lot of scientific data the supports the fact that images play a large role in the success of your online business. Let’s start by exploring some of the more interesting facts.

  1. The right hemisphere makes up 50% of our brains. This is the part of the brain responsible for processing visual data. This means that the visual aspect of your content is very important as it stimulates 50% of brain activity.
  2. The brain processes image 60,000 times faster than it does text. This makes it a lot more effortless to process images.
  3. Images play a powerful role in evoking emotions, and if you are in sales you know that people act on emotion. Actually, marketing campaigns that play on emotion perform 2 times better than campaigns that merely list facts.
 good images critical
The power of imagery

The Truth is in The Statistics: good images are critical

In order to keep people engaged in your blog posts or social platform you need to include high quality images that grab the eye and evoke an emotion. This will lead to visitors engaging more with your content and most likely have them coming back for more.

How to get the best images

I believe in creating original images for your content. That could in the form of graphics designed by yourself or your team or images taken specifically for that content. This may not always be feasible, as a result, the internet is loaded with websites that provide their visitors with free stock images and some breath-taking paid images. If you are looking to get access to great images that are not too commonly used on the internet, I would suggest using Envato Elements. This platform is great for designers that need various elements for their projects and beautiful images are part of those elements offered.

If you do produce original images for all of your content, you may want to edit them professionally but are lacking in skill. In that case, I would recommend using Adobe Lightroom to purchase some presets. You can also get Adobe Lightroom presets from Envato Elements.

These are just some of the basic tools you can use to improve the quality of your images for your content to help you increase engagement.


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Anyone can create content, picking the right images for your content is more important and will usually be the difference between people bouncing and people staying on your content for longer periods of time. Learn more about the types of images that are best for you content and that will give you the best results.

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