Three Simple Steps to Check If Your Marketing is Working

Digital marketing is just another form of marketing that is done online through the internet. It has several advantages over mass media marketing and those include advanced targeting, lower cost, more control, and you can do it yourself. Regardless of the low costs, a good marketer must provide you with the required return on invest. In this article we will walk through the three simple steps to check if your marketing is working.

The three items we are going to check include:

  1. Deliverables
  2. Revenue Growth
  3. Fewer objections
Marketing is working

Deliverables: Marketing is working

When you start marketing for your business, the simplest way to check if the work is being done is to set a clear number of deliverables. That is the number of blog posts, social media posts, comments responded to, and budget spent.

Whether you pick to do the marketing yourself or select to hire it out to a company such as SNCT Marketing, you will still need to keep a close eye on this. You need to watch the number of posts that you agreed on is being adhered to. These posts play a vital role in building your credibility as a brand and they should be posted on a consistent basis.

Revenue Growth: Marketing is working

The purpose of any marketing is to increase revenue. That is the simple bottom line. You can post a beautiful image and get 1 million likes. Ultimately if you do not get people interested in buying your products you will run out of cash and your business will fail.


In order to understand why I do not like the idea of getting likes you should look at it this way. On Facebook, the cheapest ads to run are those that require likes from people. The reason why they are cheap is because they do not give you any return on your income.

Yes, you may want to have likes on your page, this increases credibility. You should spend at most 10% of your marketing budget to get these likes. However, even with all these likes, Facebook throttles your post reach and, in the end, only less than 5% of the 10,000 people that like your page will view the posts. Also known as a poor marketing strategy.

Be sure to get a good ROI on each ad.

Objections Marketing is working

When you market your product or service, you want to give your sales team the opportunity to close sales and make you loads of money. What does it mean if every one you speak to keeps objecting to your offers? It means your marketing is working.

Most marketing campaigns lead to a sales page for people to subscribe to a service or product. People tend to subscribe to these services simply by reading or watching a video. Almost 0 human interaction. Yet for you, a whole company with a sales staff, you are failing to close a single sale. WHY?

Because your marketing is doing a bad job and you need to get someone who knows what they are doing at the helm. It really is complicated. I will not lie to you. Getting the perfect ad that dispels all objections, answers all questions and makes people ready to invest click to go to the offer takes practice.

Marketing is working

About SNCT Marketing:

SNCT Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in Kampala, Uganda. We provide a wide range of services including SEO, copywriting, graphic design, photography, website design, marketing strategy, and planning. SNCT Marketing was founded by Carl and Sarah Kapapiro as a premier one-stop solution provider for SME’s looking to maximize their return on marketing spend. Click here to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation call with one of our experts.


When it comes to digital marketing, not all marketing is the same. Not all effort produces a good result and not all results are good. Most business owners enjoy seeing likes on their pages and they feel proud. Don’t be like them. Be proud of actual results, the sort of results that can grow your business. Remember, not all that glitters is gold.

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