Tools to successfully build your email list

Have you ever heard about the value of an email list? It is estimated that each individual in your email list is worth 1 USD. This means that at any given time you should be able to earn an income directly proportionate to you the size of your email list. But, how do you get people to join your email list? Here is a review of tools to help you pick the correct platforms to help you build an email list.

The First step to building an email list: Website

The first thing you need to have before you can start to successfully build an emailing list is a fully responsive website. That is a website that works perfectly on different screen sizes. Since the majority of people are browsing the internet on their mobile devices, it only makes sense for your website to work on mobile devices.

In order to design responsive websites for our clients we use the following tools and services:

Webhosting: Namecheap

Namecheap is an affordable web hosting platform that provides fast servers and great bonuses. It is definitely our favorite web hosting service provider and domain retailer closely followed by Bluehost.

To learn more about our top web hosting tools head here.

Bluehost is a close second because they are WordPress’s preferred hosting service provider. They offer high quality hosting for WordPress’s website and since our main website tool is WordPress, we do recommend giving it a go.

Website platform: WordPress

As far as website platforms, the most popular is WordPress. It is used by many websites and blogs and works great. The platform supports thousands of themes and plugins making it easy for a beginner to start and design a great website. An added advantage, there are many resources on the internet that can help you when it comes to designing a website.

Website design: Envato Elements

Once you have a web hosting platform, a domain, installed WordPress to the website, now you need a theme to make the website look good and functional. For this, you can opt to download a theme from WordPress’s theme library. We, on the other hand, discovered a very amazing resource that will give you the theme, images, audio files, video templates, and graphic elements you will need in order to complete the website design section. This tool is Envato Elements.

Website Plugins: HelloBar

Now that your website looks amazing, you will need to start including plugins that will allow you to collect emails from your website’s visitors. Tools that allow you to get popups, banners, sliders, and exit intent lead capture forms are ideals for this and my top pic is HelloBar.

I have used several platforms in the past and have found that with HelloBar I have gotten a much higher conversion rate.

The second step to building an email list: Tempting the Readers

The most popular way of building an email list is by tempting readers and people who visit your website to give you their emails. This can be done by offering the readers something for free. Call it an ethical bribe if you want. Marketers have been doing this for years. The free item can come in the form of a free pdf, template, whitepaper, video course or e-book. These usually take long to design, however thanks to Fiverr you can hire someone to do this for your for as little as $10.

You can also use Fiverr to get freelancers to do all sorts of work for your business including logo design, graphic work, website design, copywriting, and more.

The third step to building an email list: Email automation and email databases

You are now almost ready to start collecting emails. However, now that you have the tools in place, we need to figure out what to do once people opt to download your free giveaway. There are a few things you will need.

Email Automation: Constant Contact

If the person opts to download your free giveaway, you will need to email them and ensure that they automatically receive the item. It may not be ideal to manually send each person an email manually. In that case, may I suggest you give constant contact a try? They offer a 2-month free trial in the U.S. and Canada and a 1-month free trial for the rest of the world. This platform will allow you to send an email to the email list.

Constant Contact can also be used as your database for your email lists. This will allow you to automate several processes including sending out newsletters.

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Building an email list should be high on your list of priorities for your business. Email marketing is a powerful tool that will help you to follow up with potential customers and keep showing them relevant information about your brand. If you use the right tools and take the necessary steps you will be able to collect a lot of emails and as a result, grow your business faster.

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