Twitter is testing new e-commerce features

Tweets could soon be monetized as Twitter explores the possibility of integrating an e-commerce platform for tweets by allowing businesses to display their products for sale at the top of their profile page. Here is what this means for you and me.

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What Twitter Says about the e-commerce features

Twitter has been working on a shopping feature for a while now. A way for engaged users to easily purchase products they have been discussing while on the app. Initially, it seems they were flirting with adding a buy now button to tweets with product placements. Instead, Twitter has come up with a completely novel system that could change how shopping is done on the platform.

The idea behind their e-commerce feature is simple, people come to Twitter and spend entire days discussing various topics of interest such as football, movies, fashion trends, and more. Currently, after discussing the topic users are forced to leave the app in order to go shop on another platform. Twitter wants to help brands capture more of those ready buyers.

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twitter e-commerce
Screens of the new E-commerce Feature from Twitter

Who can use the e-commerce feature right now?

Twitter has decided to roll out the e-commerce feature to a select few in order to see how effective it will be. They have opted to start with iOS users in the US. This begs the question, when will the feature hit our African shores and help brands and businesses to sell on what seems to be one of the most popular platforms amongst youths especially in Uganda.

twitter e-commerce

Simply put, we hope to see the e-commerce feature being put to good use by businesses as soon as Twitter works out the kinks. Sadly, that means like with most things third world countries will only join the parade to add to potential client numbers as most large US brands would have established themselves as leaders on the platform already.

What do you think? Will this feature be a smashing success or will it, like fleets, soon be history?

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