Twitter Spaces: Social Phenomenon keeping Ugandans busy during the lockdown. What is it and how do I use it?

If you are on the social media platform Twitter, you have probably heard of “Spaces” either by seeing comments from other UOT’s regarding the previous night’s violence or by actually taking part in one as either a speaker or a listener. If you are not on Twitter, you have likely heard of valuable live events happening that you should take part in such as the very popular 40daymentor by Robert Kabushenga.

In this article, we will break down what Twitter Spaces is and how it works. Please like this article and share it with your friends on social media.

What Is Twitter Spaces?

Spaces are a concept unique to Twitter. While every other platform is focused on the short video segments Twitter has decided to pursue audio instead. They are short audio conferences that anyone can join as either a listener or a speaker. The audio aspect makes Spaces heaven send especially for the youth that dominates as Twitter’s larger user base.

Imagine operating your own radio program and having guests. Spaces, in most cases, are free to enter; therefore anyone online is able to access the Space and the host can select different people to speak and contribute to the conversation. Not all Spaces are free, some organizers can select to make money from their Spaces and therefore charge some money (We will discuss this later).

Now that you know what Spaces are, let’s take a look at the advantages of using Spaces for you and your business.

Advantages of Spaces

There are many advantages to using Twitter Spaces for your brand and your business and I will list them for you here.

  1. With data prices ever increasing especially after the addition of the 12% data tax most people find Spaces as a welcome and affordable alternative source of knowledge and entertainment while on lockdown.
  2. Spaces are an audio option to communicate with your brand. Unlike Zoom, Live and other streaming tools, Spaces allows you to start streaming from anywhere and at any time without fear of your background, clothing, or general appearance.
  3. If you are generally nervous you need not worry. As mentioned above, Spaces is an audio only tool therefore people will not see your face thus reducing the risk of nerves getting in the way.
  4. Anyone can join a Space and therefore you tend to get larger audiences so long as your Space is labelled correctly. No need to advertise in advance, just start the Space and start spreading the word.
  5. Spaces can hold millions of listeners at the same time. Therefore if you have an appealing reason for people to join the Space you are likely to have a very large audience unlike video streaming systems that tend to limit number of participants or break down due to strain on bandwidth.
  6. Twitter allows you to make money through Spaces by selling tickets to participants. Therefore if you plan you Space well and have the right topic and audience you will be able to earn some money through the platform.
  7. Twitter Spaces are free to use. You do not have to pay a subscription to host or take part in a Space.

These are the few reasons why Twitter Spaces is an amazing tool especially here in Africa and Uganda in particular. We have briefly touched on the money-making aspect of Spaces. Perhaps a closer look at how to earn money from Spaces is in order.

Making Money Through Twitter Spaces

Everyone wants to make money online and there are many tools if utilized well that can help you earn an income online. Twitter Spaces aims to be one such platform. At the moment the monetization option of Spaces is in Beta mode (testing) and they are allowing users to apply to join at this stage. Before you apply, let’s walk through how it works.

  1. Schedule a Space: when hosting a Space it is advisable that you plan it carefully and schedule it for the time you want it to begin. Make sure you give it a compelling name and persuasive description. When setting up the event you will have the option to select how many tickets you would want to share.
  2. Share a post: share with your follower about the upcoming event and start creating some hype for it. It is extremely important that you create hype, especially for the paid Spaces.

How much money can you earn on Spaces?

When selling tickets to your Spaces the payments will be processed either through apple pay or Google play store. These payment processors will deduct a fee for accommodating the transactions. It is therefore likely that would remain with more than 97% of the revenue from ticket sales. This is amazing considering your costs are so much lower.

Imagine earning all the money you receive and you likely did not need to pay for advertising, you spend zero on the platform and you pay very little for payment processing.

How to join a Twitter Space

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Joining a Space is simple and does not require much. You just need a data plan and access to Twitter. If you do not already have an account please follow the link below to create one.

Once you are in make sure to follow some of your favorite people and local influencers (people with a large number of followers).

Once someone you follow creates a Space you will be able to enter it. Spaces are highlighted on the top of the screen where you usually see stories or fleets. They have a purple color around them differentiating them from fleets that are blue in color.

Accept your request to join as a listener and there you go. If you have been requested to enter as a speaker please select that option.

How to create a Twitter Space

Creating a Space is equally as simple as joining one as a member. The prerequisites are the same, some data and a gadget with a working microphone.

Click on the bottom of the screen, where you usually click to create a tweet this time shaped like a + (plus sign). Several options will pop up including the option to create a Space. Click on the Spaces Icon and it will send you to a new page.

Enter your Space details and add your speakers to the Space. Once complete select if you would want the Space to start now or if you would want to schedule it for another day.

Once you accept for the Space to start it will start connecting and begin the event. People that you invited or shared with will gradually start joining.


As you can see, Spaces can be fun and simple to use. You will soon find out as you explore that topics can range from one topic to another, from business topics to youths just discussing social topics among friends. It is a versatile platform that can only grow in Uganda.

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