Websites: Starting your online journey

Websites: Starting your online journey

Many businesses are operating offline, in physical shops, and offering physical products or services. This has been the way for most businesses and for some; they will continue to be the same regardless of the changing times. They will have to learn the hard way that a website and an online presence is the only way to survive the coming wave. This article will discuss how to start your online journey and how to set up a website for your business.

Understanding websites: Starting your online journey

The world is becoming digital. You may have heard this. You may think you understand it; however, you probably are not actively working towards getting your business digital. I used to hear people talking about websites and coding, and remember picking to study business in college and opting against Business and Information Systems. I told myself that I wanted to simply start a business and the technology would not matter. Websites for me were for downloading films and Wikipedia.

After college, I started my journey of creating wealth. I quickly learned that websites are an integral part of the business. An Integral Part of All Businesses. I quickly learned exactly why websites are such powerful tools. These are the lessons I want to share with you today.

The Role of a Great Website

I attended a free seminar in 2013. This seminar promised to teach me what I needed to know about earning money online. I learned a few things about business that day that made me enjoy the seminar and remember the experience with fondness.

  1. Free seminars are not actually free
  2. Websites are meant to make you money not look pretty. They work for you.
  3. Not all websites do their Job, fire them or train them

These lessons are what I live by and what SNCT Marketing lives by. Why do we care?

Before I started learning how to make websites I decided to buy a website from an auction site. This proved to be a complete mistake. Sadly I had no experience and did not know what I know today. I had heard the speaker saying it and took the expensive route of learning it twice.

Free Seminars are not Actually Free

I am sure you have had the opportunity to attend a free seminar. It may have been a live event or just an online event on Zoom or streamed on TV. You may have had the chance to learn something new. I have had the pleasure of attending some amazing sessions and have even hosted a few myself. These events are a great place to get ideas and learn stuff you did not know.

The big mistake many people make when it comes to these free events is not taking them seriously because they are free. Yes, you feel motivated for a while and tell yourself you will take action. 3 days after the session you would have forgotten 90% of what was mentioned and the name of the speakers.

I watched one such free event hosted by NTV and streamed on TV. During this event, they speakers highlighted the infrastructural and technical capabilities and weaknesses within the digital framework of Uganda. As you can imagine, I really wanted to pay attention to this seminar and take action. Help the people in Uganda fully take advantage of the gift that is the internet.

After some days of reflection I decided to write this article, and send out an email about the power of a great website.

Websites are meant to make you money not look pretty

A lot of people want websites for their business and sadly, many people do not understand what the website is meant to do. At the end of the day, when they find out the investment required to keep a website working they back out. They avoid the “additional cost”.

The reality of the matter is that they simply do not understand the way you will when we are done. You will understand what I learned about websites and how to make money with them.

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Not all websites do their Job, fire them or train them

If you own a business and are selling products, you website should act as your sales rep. If your sales rep is not performing you will need to figure out what is wrong with them, offer them some training, revisit their sales script, and then if they are not doing the job fire them and get someone new.

When it comes to your website, the script is what we call the copy. The words that you use on the website and the images can convert website visitors into paying clients. You just have to spend a few extra hours or days testing and fixing the words to make sure they work and convert.

The trick is to clearly understand the purpose of the website. Is it meant to convert visitors to paying clients or send them to another website? Either way, the words must drive people into wanting to complete that action.

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