What is Google AMP SEO?

In 2015, Google confirmed to the world that website speed affected google ranking and SEO. We all know that SEO and ranking on the first page of google are the penultimate goals for any blogger or digital marketer. It is what you are really working towards if you operate a website or blog. When it comes to website speed, speed on mobile devices is the ultimate goal. Your “lethal weapon” is supposedly Google AMP. In this article, I will answer the question “What is Google AMP SEO? Is it good for my Uganda-based business?”

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What is Google AMP? Is it good for my Uganda-based business?

AMP is an abbreviation that stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a coding language such as HTML. It pretty much replaces certain functions of HTML. AMP is currently supported by Google search and Microsoft has started working on its AMP reader for Bing.

In 2016, Google integrated AMP to their search. You can identify an AMP link in Google search when you see the AMP icon on in front of the result.

AMP and how it affects my SEO
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AMP is an open coding language that allows your website to load quickly on mobile phones regardless of the device’s power and the persons’ connection speed. It does this by stripping away all the scripts from your website including JSON, Javascript and more. When people search for a topic you cover and click on your link, it will not actually open up your website, but instead, it will open the webpage in its simplistic mainly text form as a google cached page. This means you do not have control of the data of who actually viewed your content as they did not actually visit your website.

The Pros of Google AMP SEO and how it can help grow your Uganda-based business

In order for me to honestly review the AMP code and its effects on how it affected websites, I decided to change our entire website to AMP and view how this change would impact our website traffic. It was one of the suggestions given by the Googles Webmasters website speed testing tool.

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The propaganda pushing for AMP states that this platform will actually improve the performance of your website on mobile devices. With speed being one of the key criteria for SEO, then you would assume that your website would raise in rankings soon after your website has been crawled. We immediately managed a ranking of more than 90, from the 18 your see next to this image, for the website on Mobile.

What is AMP? How does AMP manage this speed/performance?

To answer the questions What is AMP? Is it good for my Uganda-based business?, you need to know what AMP is. AMP takes your website, removes all the normal coding languages and only allows you to use the AMP-HTML language with its associated scripts. This means that all the additional functionality of your website that allows you to convert website visitors to leads stop working. Your website becomes a mere shell with basic CSS and HTML until you implement AMP-Javascript and others.

If your website has no popups, forms and all images are stored in Google, you would expect the website to be visibly super-fast. However, the only true change can be seen on Google’s website speed tester which you can access from this link: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

What is AMP? The results of my AMP test

After trying out AMP and researching it, I realized a few pitfalls that made it difficult for me to fully commit to it.

  1. The point of your website and blog is to drive traffic to your platform in order for you to monetize them by converting them from visitors to leads and finally to clients. AMP completely ignores this and in fact, only allows Google to control your content.
  2. My website’s speed did not actually improve in a way that is visible. The purpose of this experiment was for me to find a way to get my reader to interact with my content. My visitors do not all use a 500mbps internet connection and a powerful device like I do. I wanted to create a people-oriented platform. Instead, what ended up coming out of it is a google oriented platform that allows google to keep all traffic and stats for their advertisers while I did not see any improvement in my stats.

As a result, I have abandoned AMP for the time being. Yes, AMP may allow me to get ranked higher, however, if my website does not convert or bring in visitors it has become a waste of time for me and it will be the same for you and your business.

What is AMP? Is it good for my Uganda-based business?

AMP is currently being developed; it is a work in progress. You may find more information about it here:



Regardless, the platform may be a good idea for your business. You just need to spend additional time thinking about how you will convert readers to leads with a reduced arsenal. Once you have a clear strategy for your business, it may be a good idea to implement in order to get your website’s SEO ranking increased. I highly advise getting expert help to implement AMP as it could break parts of your website to do it yourself if you are not an expert.

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