Why Should My Uganda-based Business Concentrate on Growing Online?

Are you currently running a business and not active on the internet? Does your business have a Facebook page? Do you have an updated website? If you answered no to any of these questions, by the end of this article you will answer the question; why should my Uganda-based business concentrate on growing online?

What does it mean to concentrate on growing my Uganda-based business online?

When you started your business, you focused on the basics; get customers and deliver their product or service. This has helped you grow to your current position. It may have been hard and in most cases, it is getting harder, but it has worked so far. Does this sound familiar to you?

The truth is, what has worked over the years is not the answer for the future. Focusing on an online strategy for your business means thinking outside the box you have created for yourself. A box limiting your movements and eventually your growth. If your business is based in a shop or has physical branches, your box is your geographical location. This leads me to point number one:

The Internet Has No Boundaries

Did you know, animals in captivity tend to be smaller, less active and more stressed than their counterparts in the open wild? This is the same for your business.

Because you have not put in place a clear strategy for growing your business on the internet, your growth is restricted, stressful and you appear to be less active to your clients. As a result, your market share is easy pickings for any company that can offer your clients the convenience of online business. This can range from simply allowing them to schedule online appointments for a facial or dental procedure to letting them buy products that will be delivered to their home.

It does not matter what your business model is, if you are not pushing to grow your Uganda-based business online, eventually your competitors will and this can kill your business completely.

While running a marketing agency in Malaysia, I found that some of my clients, especially restaurants that offered a unique experience, received customers from outside their neighborhood. These customers would tend to search for the type of experience they wanted online and use platforms such as Facebook to inquire about operating hours, prices, menu. Customers would tend to get this information before traveling long distances for an experience. If you are depending on customers to call you for such information, you have them confused with something else. Most customers will not call you. This leads to point number two:

The Internet Opens Up Lines of Communication

Most successful businesses understand the value of communicating with customers. This is why large companies will spend time and money to develop a customer service team.  Do you communicate with your clients effectively?

Most businesses assume communication is a one-way flow of data. You tell customers what to buy through advertisement, they buy the product, it is faulty and they complain to customer support, you solve the problem. The end.

No, it is not the end. There are many businesses in your industry that are taking this a step further. From my experience, the businesses that go all out tend to dominate the market. They tell clients about new developments, teach clients how to use their products, check how their clients are enjoying the product, offer that client additional features and service and simply share what the company enjoys. In short, branding and selling.

This, if done well, can be very effective on the internet.

Establishing Yourself on The Internet as a Uganda-based Business

Now that you have a couple of points, let’s dive deep into the true meaning of having an internet-based business.

Most companies have either a website or a social media platform and usually do not have both. Others simply have listings in online databases and nothing else. The reality is, in order for any online growth to occur you must have a strategy that encompasses an entire marketing mix. A solid mix of platforms, where all your clients can be found.

You need to create an entire ecosystem that allows you to send your message to all your clients, constantly and effectively. Your platforms must be representative of your brand and in a nutshell, speak for your organization. The image below shows a typical and simple strategy that you should at least have in place to start with.

Why Should My Uganda-based Business Concentrate on Growing Online?

If you have this system in place, congratulations, you are 20% there. You still have a lot of work to do to make sure your online system works for you effectively.

If you do not, you have a long long way to go.

Why Should My Uganda-based Business Concentrate on Growing Online?

The best way to answer the question, why you need to grow your business online is with another question.

What would you do if your business closed today because your customers went to your competitor instead?

How would that affect your family? Would you be able to survive for 10 years without any income from your business?

If this could be stopped just by strategically focusing your business online, would you do it? Most people wait until they are already in pain before they make a change to their businesses and lives.

I am sure you have heard some of these sayings: If it works don’t break, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks and bwe kiba kikola, tokimenya. Unfortunately, this cannot be your business moto. In the modern world, you must learn and adapt fast to a constantly changing environment. If you do not, you are guaranteed that your business will shrink and eventually fail.

Learn more about how to grow your business online by reading this post.

How do I Get My Business on the Internet?

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