Why you should not use Shopify


You are probably trying to figure out which platform is best for your eCommerce websites, perhaps you want to start a drop shipping website, or you want to learn how to make them for clients. This means you have been searching the internet far and wide for a good solution for your business. One of the platforms you have found is Shopify.

In this article, I will walk you through a few reasons why Shopify is not the best platform on the internet and I will also show you my preferred option, WordPress.

Part One: Why Is Shopify So Popular?

Meet James, James is a YouTube content creator and he makes most of his money by recommending goods and services to people through his channel. The process by which he earns his income is known as affiliate marketing. As such James only makes videos and recommends products that pay the highest possible commissions. Yes, these products may actually be good and nice and work, but the only reason why he shares them with you is that they pay him money.

Shopify is one such company that pays out commissions to content creators when people buy their services after clicking on your specific affiliate link (LINK TO AFFILIATE BLOG POST). This is why many content creators produce videos suggesting that you use Shopify for your eCommerce website. It is not because each of these people actually uses the platform; it is not because they care most about you. It is simply because they get paid each time you click the link and subscribe to Shopify’s service.

So if you have been bombarded by content after content telling you to use Shopify for your dropshipping website, this is the reason.

Part Two: Why Shopify Might Not Be The Best Suited For Your Needs

If you are new to eCommerce, new to business in general, it should be no surprise to you that the best way to become profitable is to cut your expenses. Especially in the beginning. The goal should be to start earning money by spending as little as possible. In this case alone, Shopify is not ideal for you as it is not the cheapest option on the market. Their prices start at USD 29 per month. Meanwhile, they only give you a 7-day free trial which is barely enough time to finish developing a website let alone all the email marketing integrations, etc. 7 days is just enough time to make sure you started and are now stuck with the platform.

Shopify Pricing

Just based on pricing alone my verdict is clear. Consider it in this way. How many drop shipping websites actually earn $29 per month?. The cheaper the platform the better, spend more money on marketing and other areas instead.

Part TWO: The Alternative

At SNCT Marketing we develop websites either through native coding from scratch or using WordPress for those clients that require a dashboard they can play around with on their own. Therefore, for any person looking to develop a website for the first time and have it looking professional, we would suggest WordPress.

Developing a website on WordPress is super easy and costs too little to be ignored. Note: WordPress in this context is the self-hosted wordpress.org option not the wordpress.com option hosted on their servers.

In order to host your own WordPress website you will need a few things:

  1. Domain name: usually USD8.89 per year
  2. Hosting service: Starting from as low as USD27 per year.

The rest of the stuff you need for the actual development of the website can be found for free or you could opt for their paid options to get premium features.

So, the only fixed cost on you per year is just under USD36 per year, while Shopify will cost you USD30 per month or USD360 per year. This is why they can afford affiliates a lot in commission.


Don’t get me wrong, we also use affiliate marketing as a source of revenue for our company and we value any cash we can earn from that income stream. In fact, we also have an affiliate link for Shopify and it is linked to this article. We also have affiliate links for the Webhosting service provider, Namecheap, and other services that we feel you may benefit from.

Part Three: Conclusion

I hope that I have managed to convince you to use WordPress instead of their more expensive competitor for your first website. Save the cash, spend a little more time developing the website and give your website the advantage it needs. I will close this article by saying that WordPress also offers great features including different themes and plugins, the ability to integrate with other tools, and SEO.

We value your feedback and comments, keep commenting and we will keep responding