6 signs you need a digital marketing agency

6 signs you need a digital marketing agency

Has your business stopped growing as rapidly as you would like? You know you need to improve your marketing but you also need to work on your HR, Research, Manufacturing and logistics. Plus, all the money you are making needs to be managed and accounted for. In this article we will walk through the 6 signs you need a digital marketing agency.

What is a digital marketing agency? 6 signs that show you need to hire a digital marketing agency

A digital marketing agency is a company that helps you to grow your business by leveraging the internet to market your business. Such firms usually have expertise in several fields including; SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Ads, Facebook ads, Social media marketing and copy writing.

A digital marketing agency can be as small as a single employee or as large as 50 employees. They can also offer services such as graphics design, website design, and more. They are full on and usually get whatever you need done if it falls under their scope.

Types of Digital Marketing Agencies

There are two main categories of digital marketing agencies. The first is what I like to call the full suit agency while the second is the lean digital agency.

6 signs you need a digital marketing agency

Full Suit Agency

A full suit agency is one that has all their work done by employees inhouse. They can boast a staff that includes account managers, copy writers, graphic designers and media strategists. These operations are large and usually have been operating for a long time. They are able to get work to you in a short period of time and the quality of their work is usually consistent.

Lean Digital Agency

A lean digital agency usually consists of 1 or 2 staff. They usually rely on freelancers to get the work done. Though they usually have reliable free lancers on call, the work may be slightly inconsistent. Any additional task you ask them to do will take longer as they first need to find someone available, with good quality, to do the work and they serve mainly as the middle man. They may usually be cheaper as they are starting out and have lower overheads.

6 signs you need a digital marketing agency

How to Tell When You Need a Digital Marketing Agency

As a growing business, you can identify the key aspects of your business that you need to grow and expand. These may be driven by what your KPI’s (key performance indicators) are. Most businesses have KPI’s for every department including sales, production, and finance. They know in detail how many sales they need to complete in order to meet payroll. They also know what it will take to develop their product; however, they do not know their marketing figures.

1. Do You Know Your Marketing?

Do you know how your marketing plan is performing? What types of posts work best? Which platforms will have the best impact on your business? Your marketing budget and how to optimize it for revenue? Do you even know what actions your marketing should drive?

To be honest, it can be a lot of very time-consuming work. Keeping track of all your webmaster tools, analytics tools, individual social platforms and more. You need to keep track of this because the trick to mastering your marketing in the science of data. With a properly structured marketing plan, you can grow your business faster and more effectively.

2. Your Sales Team Keeps Wasting Leads

Growing your business requires sales, sales come from warm leads and if your team keeps losing sales there can only be two issues. Either your leads are very cold or your team just sucks. Either way, these issues can be fixed with a killer marketing plan. A strategy that converts your online marketing plan to a money machine.

A proper marketing plan will drive your leads down a funnel that will get them warmer and warmer at each stage. Once they get to the final destination you sales team can conveniently close the sale and you do not waste additional resources. This is vital to your businesses growth and getting a dedicated team in place to do this for you will help you and keep your sales team happy.

In the worst case, it does not hurt to create a new sales funnel that does not include any of your failing sales team.

3. Your Business Growth Has Slowed Down

Is there anything worse than having a fast-growing business suddenly slow down and stop growing? Well honestly there is worse, having a fast-growing business suddenly start shrinking. Having forecast growth for your business, you have probably invested in inventory, grown your sales force and created capacity to deal with your assumed new clients. Then suddenly, nothing.

If this is you, you may need a fresh new perspective, a professional third party who will go through your entire marketing plan and dismantle it to find out what is going wrong. It isn’t a sign of failure to admit that you need help at this stage, failure is continuing to let the company bleed until you cannot afford to get the help.

4. You Have No Marketing Team in Place

I have saved the most obvious sign that shows you need to hire a digital marketing agency until now. As a business owner it is easy to assume that you can do it all yourself, marketing, strategy, manufacturing, research, website design, sales etc. However, there is a limit of what you can do alone before you experience fatigue.

Hiring staff to run the marketing for you adds a new title to your role, that of human resources, and trust me, this may be the toughest role yet. Dealing with staff complaints, managing egos, checking deliverables and dealing with employee churn. That’s just to say the least. Sometime, it just becomes ideal to drop all of that and work with an experienced team that already has everything you need in place and carries the risk with you.

5. Are You on a Strict Budget?

When it comes to marketing, there are many roles required in order for you to be successful. You will need a designer, videographer and photographer, copywriter, editor, google ads professional, Facebook ads expert, website design person, printing services, and a manager to manage all these people. You will also need subscriptions for your email marketing, graphic design software, video editing software, employee management software, collaboration software and more. Clearly, this can be costly, since we have not even mentioned you paid ads budget.

A good digital marketing agency will already have all this in place and ready to deploy according to your needs. All you have to do is pay them at the end of the specified period and read the reports they send you each month. Agencies are usually cheaper than you running your own team because they are working with many other businesses and so their staff have many projects to work on and their salaries, product subscriptions and other expenses are spread across several different clients.

6. You Have No Idea What You Are Doing

It goes without saying, a key component of doing something right is knowing what you are doing. If you have no idea you no clue what tools you have at your disposal and you decide you want to run your businesses marketing, you are bound to experience a steep learning curve filled with failure and regrets.

Simply put, do you know what marketing tools you have at your disposal on Facebook? What can you do on Google? Is SEO viable for your business? What are backlinks. Can you create a native shop for your google ads? What are landing pages? Can you track your revenue through google?

For a person in the know, all this is obvious, for a person starting out, you will need to spend valuable time learning. Time that the experts have already spent. This is not to say you should not bother learning, quit the opposite, learn from the expert but not at the expense of your business’s growth. One mistake online can break your business and cost you months of revenue.

Conclusion: 6 signs you need a digital marketing agency

As a business owner, your responsibility is to make sure your business is growing. It is your legacy and your employees and family depend on you to do that. This is why, if you are in any of the above groups, I strongly suggest you start contacting marketing agency to see how they can assist you. You can start with us, by clicking the link below you can schedule a free, no obligation, consultation, where we can start the process of developing your marketing strategy.

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